A Review: Bare Minerals Original Foundation


Bare Minerals is a well known and well loved brand, and after trying a few of their products and loving them, I thought I would try the product that is what the company is renowned for... The Original Foundation.

What is it?
The Original foundation refers to the mineral powder foundation - otherwise known as a loose powder foundation - and there is a pressed powder form too. However I have had a few shades of the foundation as my friend gave me them to try and although I liked the actual product, the shade was pretty dark so I thought I would pick up the right shade which, most often that not is the lightest which is Fair.

What does it do?
This foundation is brilliant for giving you a flawless coverage with no cakiness. It doesn't make my skin look dry and gives a smooth, luminous look to my skin with no powdery finish, all whilst still looking natural and feeling lightweight. 

How to use?
I like to apply this using a buffing brush and it's advised to use the Swirl, Tap, Buff method. Basically all this means is that you tap some into the lid, you swirl your brush into the product, tap off the excess and then buff into the skin. Once a layer has been applied, if you need more coverage all over or just in specific places like around the nose, blemishes etc. what I like to do is take a small brush and apply a small amount to that particular patch of redness or breakout/scar. I pat it on and buff it in around the edges. It is so incredibly natural and flawless yet even though it's a powder, it gives a luminous finish. 

The Good?
This foundation has many benefits to your skin. Being a mineral powder, it doesn't clog pores and with only 5 ingredients, you're not applying so many things onto your skin and wearing it all day like with a liquid foundation. That won't necessarily stop me from wearing a liquid foundation but it certainly makes my skin feel nice when I do use this. This has a lockable sifter so it doesn't make a powder cloud when opening or closing, and is fine to travel with as long as the sifter is closed properly - talking from personal experience. There's no touch ups required through the day and leaves you shine free. I think this would be suitable for any skin types, even dry skin, don't be put off because it's a powder. This foundation has a whopping 20 shades, with yellow and pink tones so you will find one suitable for you. Some people have managed to find there perfect shade by mixing two together, which is going to cost you more but will last longer as you won't need as much. There are starter kits that you can purchase which include the Full Flawless Face Brush, the Flawless Application Face Brush and the Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush, your choice of Original, Matte or Ready FoundationPrime Time Foundation Primer (15ml), Original Mineral Veil Finishing Powder (2g), Warmth All-Over Face Colour (1.5g) and there's even a How to DVD  to show you the Swirl, Tap, Buff method to apply.

The Not So Good? 
Not much that I don't like, so these aren't things I have an issue with but others may do. There isn't an option to just use fingertips (as it's a powder) which for me is fine as I have brushes to use and I prefer to use them, but if somebody doesn't have a brush then that's an added cost. Others may also want to apply a setting spray as many tutorials and demos I have watched have all used something like MAC Fix Plus Setting Spray which again is another cost, but I don't have one and I get on with it fine, I sometimes like to apply The Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist to freshen my makeup up through the day. When first trying out the product, the application can get a bit messy as you do have to tip some into the lid and tap off excess which can cause powder to go elsewhere and if you have on clothes that it would show up on then you may just want to put a towel or something over you so it doesn't get on there. Finally is concealer. Now Bare Minerals do have a powder Concealer (£19.00) and the Well Rested Eye Brightener (£19.00) as well but again another added cost so you jut have to remember that for any stubborn redness or blemishes/scars to apply concealer to those areas before you apply the foundation as liquid applied on top of powder isn't a good look. But other than that, those are the only bad things which comparing to the list of good things, it's pretty darn good.

How much does it cost?
£19.95 at Feel Unique and £25.00 from Bare Minerals. The Starter Kit comes in at £50 but has a value of over £121 in total so it is definitely worth a go if you are interested in trying Bare Minerals Makeup.

Overall thoughts?
I love it. I don't really have anything to compare it to because I haven't used a mineral foundation like this, but it may be something I try out in the future as this has really impressed me and I am so glad I went back and got the right shade otherwise I would have just left it and forgetten about it. I do feel this would be really good on lots of skin types, I have some slightly oily patches and some slightly drier and it doesn't interfere with either of those. But there is a matte option for any oily skin types and the original for a more luminous finish if either of those is what appeals to you most. But overall I am really impressed with this. I have left the pros and cons list I made when reviewing this, below so you can see how I reviewed it and please let me know if you agree or disagree with anything I've said. 

Only 5 ingredients
Locked sifter lid, so no cloud of powder when opening or closing, 
Okay for travelling with,
SPF 15
No touch ups required
Other products available - matte, well rested, pressed foundation, warmth, mineral veil, blush, concealer etc.
Use Swirl, Tap, Buff method,
Luminous finish,
Starter kits
Doesn't clog pores, = better for your skin,
Shine free, 
no powdery finish, 
no cakey look, 
smooth and flawless application,
Don't always have to use a concealer, can take a smaller brush and use more of the foundation on any specific areas that require more coverage,
Good for any skin type,
Available in 20 shades with both pink and yellow undertones.

Need a brush to apply
Application can get slightly messy
May need a setting spray
Concealer may be needed (depending on skin, blemishes, scars etc) but has to be put on first,

What are your thoughts on this foundation?

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