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I have been loving a few products recently which are new purchases and I thought I would go through and do a bit of a mini review as I have been using them and love them.

First up is mascara and there are two that I have picked up and have fallen in love with.
The Maxfactor False Lash Effect Mascara is more of a natural look and has the same brush as the Maybelline The Rocket Mascara and the Maxfactor Excess Volume Step 1, so as you can tell, I like these kind of brushes. This can be built up and it really grabs the lashes and coats them and I am so glad Dani made me try it. Definitely worth it. 
As for the Maybelline The Colossal Go Extreme! Volum' Waterproof Mascara, holy moly that's a long name. This has a funky wand and works great. The bristle brush is great for separating the lashes but also giving volume and length and it holds a curl like no other. Maybelline Mascaras are definitely worth the £6.99 price tag. Although the outside packaging isn't great. 

Onto the Natural Collection Eyeshadows, these things crease within minutes so a primer is definitely needed. A good primer. They're only £1.99 so I can see why they don't last but there's so many lovely colours that using a primer is no issue for me. 

Brows next and as I've said many times recently, I am very much in to experimenting with getting the perfect brow look as I feel it really frames your face, even if you're not wearing any other makeup. The Collection Work The Colour Eyebrow Kit has everything you need to do your brows. Three brow powders, a double ended brush, and a clear brow gel. Whether you need to mix the shades or just use the powders or the gel, this kit has everything you need and for £3.99, I have been getting on with it really well and highly recommend this. 

The Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation is one I tried once and didn't get on with it but only because the coverage wasn't brilliant but I have since tried it some more and I just add a little more where I need more coverage. The Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer is a hidden gem in the drugstore. This stuff is a very pale shade which is brilliant for highlighting under the eyes as it is light and brightening so it's perfect. 

There's the new products I have been trying out and really liking.

Have you tried out any new products that you recommend?

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