A Feature: DIY: Tea Tree Toning Treat


I've been wanting to do a DIY post before and this one in particular is something I have really enjoyed using.

I often rave about how amazing tea tree oil is for spot prone skin and how it can help skin in so many other ways. I also believe that toner is a step that shouldn't be missed in anyone's skincare routine, although it often is, and is an under dog product. But put them together and what do you have? A tea tree toning treat.

It's so easy to make your own tea tree toner it's ridiculously simple. But much cheaper than the Tea Tree Water from Lush coming in at £7.50 and even the Tea Tree Facial Toner from The Body Shop at £5.00. 

It's simple. Depending on what size bottle you have, the one shown above is a 60ml bottle which is an empty NYX Setting Spray which I just cleaned out (making sure to do the tube and spray part too). 
To mix? Half fill the bottle with water and add around 5-6 drops of tea tree oil. If adding vitamin E or Rose Water, you don't need to add too much. 

Then what? First of all, you must shake this up before every use as water and oil separate and it's just to make sure it's all mixed in together. There are so many different ways and times you can use this. So my main use for this is to spray on my skin in the morning and evening, not as a toner but as a bit of a treatment/refresher/cooling/bloomin' amazin' kind of thing. But it is also great as a refreshing facial spritz and can be used over or above makeup throughout the course of the day. Just be careful not to get it in your eyes, trust me, it hurts like hell. 

That's it for this DIY post, but hopefully I will have some more posts of a similar sort coming up in the near future so please keep an eye out for those, and if you have any DIY's, or other uses for this toner then please do let me know. 

Do you have any DIY's to share?

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