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With the warmer weather so nearly here, I wanted to give you a few ideas for things to keep an eye out for, for when you are going away on holiday, staying for a long weekend somewhere or anything like that. I have a jar in my room where any sample or travel size things go so when I see some, or receive them in a magazine or subscription box, that's where they go - except it's full now so I need to go away more and use them up, that's my justification of needing some more holidays. So here goes.

1. Shampoo & Conditioner
Just because you are off on holiday, doesn't mean your hair isn't going to need washing. I picked up this Herbal Essences Shampoo & Conditioner from Superdrug but they are available from the supermarket or other drugstores, but they're perfect for a weekend or even a week away as I don't wash my hair every day so there's plenty in here and I like the Herbal Essences Shampoo's and Conditioner's.

2. Hair Oil/Styling/Dry Shampoo/Treatments
Often something that comes with a magazine or beauty subscription box is ideal for your travel beauty bag. This hair oil from Beauty Protector and this Tresemme Platinum Strength 60 Second Treatment Shot is what I took with me, and I always try and take things that I can either throw away or are nearly empty so I don't have to pack them again.

3. Fragrance 
Perfume testers can be found everywhere. I have a huge selection which I have got from Subscription boxes alone. But these are perfect for those journeys where you know a glass bottle is just not going to make it the whole trip without being smashed or leak everywhere. So I shoved a few of these in my bag and I even had a selection to choose from. 

4. Daily Skincare Routine
Skincare can be quite difficult to pack as there's so many different shapes and sizes. I always make sure I have some plastic travel bottles or pots, or even keep some of the old pots and bottles to re-use when it's holiday time. But samples are available too, and can even be bought as a sample set where a whole skincare routine is there for you. But stick to what you know. Buy tonnes of travel pots and bottles and use those for everything if you have to. I had to stop and ask?... How much am I realistically going to need? Three days worth of day and night time moisturiser? 3 makeup removal's worth of a Micellar water? There's no need to take the whole jar and be worried it will smash or leak. 

5. Skincare Extras (Masks, treatments etc)
Think about things logically, how many times will you need to apply a mask whilst you're away, or any other treatments for that matter? There are so many sample and travel size products available. I took the Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel Mask on my weekend away and that's all I needed.

6. Makeup
Makeup is slightly different when travelling as if like me you use lots of products, there's not enough pots in my branch of Superdrug to just take what I need. But travel sizes and multi use products are ideal. For example, the Benefit Stay Don't Stray Primer Sample, the Dr Brandt Pores No More Pore Refiner Primer, the E.L.F. Blusher & Bronzer Duo or even a cream blush like the Topshop Blush in Afternoon Tea is small and compact and can be used on the lips too, these are all brilliant products and will save some room. See the makeup I took HERE.

7. Bath & Body
Travel size body lotions and shower gels are pretty easy to find in any drugstore or super market and the Dove Body Wash from Superdrug and the Vaseline Moistuiser in the yellow bottle from Glossybox were the perfect duo for my little weekend vacation as they're not strong scents and are both good products. Soap & Glory have some brilliant travel size products from their Righteous Body Lotion to the Flake Away Scrub and they're around the £2.50-£3.00 mark and they even do shampoo and conditioner too. Plus the S&G stuff smells incredible. 

8. Deodorant
Compressed deodorants are very popular at the minute and basically all they are is a smaller bottle than the regular sizes, yet they have the same amount of product in and last the same amount of time but just in a smaller bottle, so this is perfect for travelling. But you can get mini deodorant bottles but if you're going on a longer trip, the compressed ones may be a better option, and I use that at home so for me I don't really need to get a mini one.

I'm back from my mini trip and had a really nice weekend with my parents and our dog and I feel much better now I've had a break. 

What are your travel essentials?

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  1. this are great things to travel with, i always seem to forget the post practical things! x

    Lucy | Make Up Your Mind


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