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So my Mum came into my room the other day to ask how to clean her makeup brushes, and I thought I would write up a post for anyone else who doesn't know how to effectively wash their makeup brushes.

Why should you wash them?
If like me you use brushes everyday to apply your makeup then every time you put that brush onto your face, not only does it spread old product around your face and cause your brush to not work as effectively but an unwashed brush will become contaminated with bacteria and putting that on your face is a common cause for getting blemishes. 

How to wash them? 
So makeup brushes don't necessarily have to be washed thoroughly everyday. But it is an idea to do a spot clean after you use them. 

Spot cleaning a brush is very simple. Now, there are brush cleansers available by lots of different brands, but you don't need to buy a super expensive brush cleaner to wash your brushes properly. What I did. I got an empty spray bottle, you can buy these empty already but I just used an empty V05 bottle (obviously need to clean out properly before use, don't forget to clean the spray pump and tube as well) but I then filled the bottle with water leaving a little bit of room at the top. I then pour in my brush cleaner, I use the Superdrug Baby Shampoo, and I only put in about the size of a 50p piece. Shake it up and that's it. To spot clean, just spray this onto the bristles, then with some kitchen roll, just swirl the brush round until you're happy it's clean, if you feel you need to do it again then by all means. This won't leave the brush soaking wet but you will need to wait a while before you can use them. Alternatively you can get a spray bottle and fill with water, and then apply a few drops of Tea Tree Oil into it and spray this onto your brushes. The tea tree oil is anti-bacterial so it will really benefit your skin if you deal with any kind of breakouts and blemishes. 

As for a deep clean. I put some olive oil in one dish and a brush cleaner/shampoo in the other. Then, take the brush and dip it into the oil, swirl it in your hand under the tap to rinse and squeeze the brush - seeing the product come out totally grosses me out, how can I put that on my face with that much old product still there - then, I dip it into the shampoo, swirl it around in your hand again and rinse that out. Making sure all oil and shampoo is thoroughly rinsed out.
Tip: Don't tip the brush upside down, this causes the water to go down into the ferrel where the bristles are glued and will break the glue up causing your brushes to shed.
Once you are happy, swirl the brush on a towel to get as much excess water off as possible and make sure to shape the brush into it's natural shape, then get a towel and roll one side up so it causes a slight slant. Place the brush on here with the handle on the highest point (laying the brush down flat can also cause some water to get into the ferrel and damage the glue). Once all your brushes are clean and they're all laid out on the towel, put them somewhere to dry and that's your brushes clean and bacteria free.

When should you wash them? 
I spot clean my brushes every other day normally and for a thorough clean, it's about every two weeks or so. I find that any longer than these time frames and my brushes start to not work as well so cleaning them regularly will keep the performance of your brushes where it should be. I normally clean all my brushes together but it can be quite a boring and tedious job so you may want to split them and do some in the morning and some in the afternoon, or on different days, that's if you have a lot of brushes like I do. 

Do you have any tips on how to clean your makeup brushes?

* I am in no way a professional, this is just tips I have picked up on and how I find is easiest for me. *

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