A Beauty Chat: How to: look your freshest this Spring


When spring makes it's much anticipated entrance, my makeup routine and products change so I thought I would give you a few hints and tips to get your skin looking fresh for the beautiful warm weather we've all been waiting for. 

As always, prepping the skin is always my most important tip. So I start with the Benefit Porefessional Primer on my problematic areas, and the L'Oreal Lumi Magique Base goes on the cheeks and where you would normally highlight. 

Onto bases, and I don't have a BB cream that gives me enough coverage, I just haven't found "the one" but lightweight foundations are brilliant at covering what you need them to, yet being light and natural enough that you won't feel like you have a thick mask on. My favourite one at the minute is the L'Oreal True Match Foundation which is a brilliant balance between a dewey and matte finish. Plus the L'Oreal Base has already helped with the glow side of things. Time to conceal, and again, a thick layer of concealer in hot weather probably won't turn out very well by the end of the day. So something like a highlighting pen which has a little coverage as well, is perfect for those tell tale signs of not getting much sleep. If you need a heavier concealer for any blemishes or imperfections, just use it on that specific area, and keep it natural. As much of your natural skin is showing will give you a fresh and healthy look. 

Finishing touches:
It's time to get all those cream blushes out, which have been shoved to the back of the makeup stash for winter. All those beautiful coral and pink blushes are needed now. Whether it's a cream or a powder, adding a natural flush to the cheeks will finish off your fresh spring makeup look. Bronzer is most likely needed too, especially when you live in the UK, and warming up your skin with bronzer will add a healthy warmth to the skin. 

As for lips, the pinks, nudes and even some purples have made a huge come back this year, although these can be worn all year round, spring is finally the time to wear a bright pink lip and cheeks and feel good about the fact that the sun is out, the winter is over and it's nearly summer. 

Do you have any tips for keeping your skin looking fresh?

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