A Beauty Chat: 5 minutes to get ready?


Everyone likes to look as if they have just rolled out of bed, whacked some clothes on and ran out the door. It would be amazing if it was that simple, even worse when you are running late. But there are a few things that you can do to give you the look that says "oh this? It took 5 minutes, I just whacked it on" yet still looks put together and presentable - with a few steps missing, give or take, for a super speedy, running out the door, still dressing yourself and trying to do your lipstick, whilst grabbing a drink and something to eat, kind of look... Oh, just me? Okay then.

Starting off with base. I have gone over full makeup looks before so I won't go into too much detail. But once the primer is on and whatever foundation (if needed) you choose is nicely blended out, apply a light weight, brightening concealer around the eyes, which will give you a helping hand in looking slightly more awake, and cover those dark circles, possibly caused by being up too late watching your favourite TV show - for me, it's The Walking Dead. On the third series and I'm hooked.

Next is cheeks and lips, which can really bring your whole look together. Starting off with cheeks, an illuminating blush works best for my skin type and concerns as I don't get super oily or shiny through the day. But regardless of the formula, I've found the more natural the shade, the more effortless it looks. Less is more and all that. If using a cream blush or stain, this can also be lightly patted in to the lips to add a touch of colour. But if a bold lip is more your thing, then go for it. It gives the appearance you have made a lot of effort and have actually thought about things when, in reality, you just couldn't drag your butt out of bed this morning and had very little time to get ready.

Onto eyes now and I like to go for a well defined lash line. You know what I mean? The whole eyeliner (or eyeshadow) smudged along the top lash line and built up until the intensity is perfect, kind of look? I love this look as I think it really adds a touch of together-ness and simplicity to the look when actually, all you've done is ran an eyeliner or matte eyeshadow along your upper lash line and smudged it out. Add a few coats of mascara and a quick swipe of liner on the top water line and it's pretty much done. Just apply some mascara to the bottom lashes, run a nude eyeliner on the waterline (which is a brilliant way to make you look awake and wide eyed), and that's the eyes done.

Brows is the feature that I think really frames the face and it's as simple as applying a tinted brow gel or running a brow pencil through them to fill in the sparse areas. 

Here's some of the photos that made me start wearing this look months ago and I love each and every one.

Hope you like this and let me know what your simple, 5 minute makeup look when you're in a hurry?

What's your go to simple look?

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