A Review: New Mascaras


So 2014 saw a lot of new mascaras make an appearance and I have been trying out these 3 in particular, one of which is my new favourite.

L'Oreal Miss Manga:
This was my first L'Oreal mascara to try and I must admit, it's my least favourite out of the bunch. It has a tapered brush with the bristles getting shorter towards the tip. It has a really funky smell too. But it doesn't do what it claims to as it says in the name... Mega Volume. It gave mega clumped spidery lashes, with no curl, volume or length. Not impressed.

Maybelline Big Eyes:
Maybelline mascaras are renowned for being bloomin' incredible. This one didn't disappoint. The bigger brush for the upper lashes, which created volume, added length and held a curl pretty well. The smaller brush - which I use every day - for the lower lashes, which just grabs the lashes and adds mascara evenly with no smudging and no fuss. 

Maxfactor Excess Volume:
Saving the best till last. This is my favourite from the bunch and is an incredible mascara. Granted I only use step 1 but it does good things to my lashes. Whilst step 1 has a fat brush and is meant to create extreme volume, step 2 has a smaller slightly tapered brush and adds a black intensity to them, not something I have seen before but a good concept. The fatter brush is very similar to my all time favourite Maybelline The Rocket's brush which grabs my lashes, adds volume and separates the lashes perfectly. My only gripe with this is that it doesn't come with a waterproof option so it doesn't hold a curl as well as The Rocket. I love this mascara and I highly recommend it for all those voluminous lash searchers out there that just haven't found anything to give you the lashes everyone wants, this is da bomb.

Have you tried any of these mascaras? What did you think to them?

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