A Review: Garnier Micellar Water


When a drugstore brings out something that could possibly be a dupe for the infamous Bioderma, I am all over it. I haven't actually tried Bioderma because I am very happy with my L'Oreal cleansing oil to remove my makeup and I've tried Micellar waters and wasn't overly impressed. The L'Oreal one is my go to for any mistakes I make when applying makeup. Anywho, time to get into the review of the Garnier Micellar Water.

Priced at just £4.99 this was obviously something I was going to pick up and Garnier products have always agreed with my skin. So I put this to the test, with a full face of makeup, waterproof mascara and winged liner. First impressions of this wasn't brilliant as it didn't manage to get all my mascara off, which to be fair it gave it a pretty good go. But I've still been using it to take my makeup off before I cleanse and it has been doing a really good job. I just apply to cotton rounds and hold over each eye, then gently swipe away. This has to be done a couple of times before it's mostly all off, with non waterproof mascara it's brilliant. I then apply some more on to another cotton pad to wipe off the rest of my makeup. I still use my cleansing oil to make sure it's all off, but this leaves my skin feeling comfortable and refreshed. With no fragrance this would be suitable for sensitive skin and can be used on eyes lips and face without irritation. For £4.99 in a 400ml bottle, I am very pleased I picked this up.

What do you thing to Micellar waters?

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