A Beauty Chat: How To: Preventing & Managing Spots


We would all kill for flawless skin, what girl doesn't want that? But sometimes it's just not possible. Whether you suffer from hormonal breakouts, are very stressed, or your diet is pretty poor and you're not drinking enough water (it's true, it does help) there are all sorts of things that you can do to help your skin remain blemish free, or manage any breakouts you may have. Check back tomorrow for some tips on how to treat and cover blemishes.

Preventing blemishes isn't always something that is possible, hormonal or stress related breakouts happen for obvious reasons, but getting pimples for a poor diet or poor treatment of your skin is something you can change. Once you have blemishes, there are steps you can take with managing them before you put any spot treatments on (will be in tomorrow's post). 


1. First up is something very simple. Hygiene. Washing your hands before you touch your face. Changing your towels, muslin or face cloths, as well as pillowcases every 2 days will contribute to clear skin. Making sure what ever you have in your hair has nothing that can cause breakouts, or that it is up and out of your face when you sleep is also important. But most important of all, that you treat your skin right. Also, making sure your phone and laptop/ipad/keyboard is cleaned regularly as bacteria can grow and be transferred onto your skin and can lead to spots, so using an antibacterial wipe on your phone every so often will contribute to a zit-free complexion.

2. Washing your skin is step 2 in preventing those uninvited guests. Making sure all your makeup is removed so it doesn't clog your pores is important. Cleansing your skin thoroughly is so important in preventing spots. If like me you wear SPF and primer then you need to make sure you double cleanse once makeup is removed. SPF and primer are known to easily clog pores and cause breakouts if not thoroughly removed every single day.

3. What is the cause of spots? Clogged pores? Bacteria? The over production of oil? What's the best way to get rid of that? Exfoliate. Whether it's a chemical or manual exfoliator, whatever works best for your skin, is something that needs to be done fairly regularly to keep those nasties away. Just make sure with a manual exfoliator that you use a gentle on on breakouts as harsh beads can damage the skin. 

4. DRINK LOTS OF WATER!! Believe me, it really does help. I know everyone says it and it doesn't really seem that logical but it honestly does. I no longer drink any juice/squash, fizzy drinks and barely any alcohol and it has helped the texture, brightness and plumpness of my complexion. I have also quit smoking which has been nearly 9 months now and I noticed a huge difference in my skin agpfter the first month or so.


1. Managing breakouts is all about listening to what your skin needs. If you have done everything you can to prevent breakouts and you still get them, then it's something that's out of your control. Remember the hormonal or stress related breakouts? They're unfortunately just a pain in the butt and so frustrating, which then leads to more breakouts because you're stressed about the stress related breakouts and it just starts a vicious cycle. As long as you do what you can, remove makeup and cleanse thoroughly, change your pillowcases and face cloths regularly then it's just about waiting for them to do one. 

2. About twice a week I like to apply a face mask, both of which fight the breakouts. The REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask is a brilliant radiance boosting mask that gently exfoliates the skin and in the morning, your skin is lovely and radiant and I always find blemishes are reduced a lot. - Alpha H Liquid Gold does the same thing which can be used every other evening if needed. A clay mask is also something I like to use, my favourite at the minute for fighting blemishes is the Aesop Chamomile Concentrate Anti-Blemish Masque which is brilliant at drawing out the impurities. The Aesop Parsley See Cleansing Facial Masque is also a brilliant option. 

3. Finally, is keeping your skin hydrated. With spot treatments and masks etc, the ingredients dry the spot out, which them leaves flakey dry skin on the blemish, which is a pain to cover with makeup. So using a facial oil is the perfect way to keep the area hydrated and with the Pai BioRegenerate Rosehip Oil it also helps to reduce the breakout. I love this stuff, but it doesn't have to be that exact oil. You could even use a highly nourishing balm/cream to just give the hydration the blemish needs to help with that dry skin. 

That's it for preventing and covering breakouts, check back later to see some tips on treating and covering our little uninvited guests.

Do you have any tips for preventing and managing breakouts?

(I in no way claim to have perfect skin, nor am I a professional or think I know everything about skin are, this is just what works for me and what I have learnt along the way.)

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