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Clarins Daily Energizer Cream // Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch // Clarins Instant Smooth Self Tanning // Clarins Gentle Exfolliant // Clarins Beauty Flash Balm // Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors in 01 & 05 ?? //

Recently I bought quite a few Clarins products to try out as they had come highly recommended so I thought I would give an overview on the products and my thoughts on them.

Beauty Flash Balm & Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch: The Beauty Flash Balm can be used multiple way, but what I got it for was as a base/radiance booster before my foundation, along with the Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch which was intended as a primer. I have been really loving this duo. The ISPF really helps to smooth skin (as the name suggests) whilst the BFB adds a suitable glow to the skin and is recommended to be swiped on to the skin without being rubbed in and then apply foundation straight over it - I have tried this and it is brilliant.

Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors in 01 & 05: these have been raved about a lot and I have really got in to wearing a lip gloss recently and these have been amazing. They smell incredible and the applicator I thought was odd as it has a sponge type thingy and you have to squeeze the tube and it comes up through the sponges bit, which actually does work - not sure about the hygiene side of it but I try and wipe it down anyway. These give enough colour with enough shine that it is the perfect balance and with all of these Clarins things, I got them from Escentual.co.uk as they tend to be cheaper on there than on any other Clarins stockists.

Daily Energizers Cream & Instant Smooth Self Tanning: I picked the Daily Energizers Cream up as I had just finished the Origins GinZing Moosturiser and had seen that this is very similar, so when I finally tried this! oh wow! I fell in love. In my opinion, this is better than the Origins offering. This is so much more hydrating, smells nicer, is cheaper too I believe and I have just been so impressed with how my skin has felt and looked after applying this that it's my new go to, must have, daytime moisturiser. I just love it. As for the Instant Smooth Self Tanning, I'm not quite sure what possessed me to purchase this as I have never self tanned my body let alone my face, I'm a proud pale-ist. But this came highly recommended too and since having it I have really liked it. It gives a really natural tanned, but not major tanned look and I've loved it for the days I don't want to wear makeup, yet don't want to scare my parents too much with my ghostly face too much. I have a feeling I will be getting a lot of use from this in the summer. 

That's it for my Intro to Clarins. Hope you like this kind of post, rather than do separate reviews. 

Have you tried any Clarins products?

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