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As a makeup wearer, one of the things that I cannot stand, along with many others, is my under eye concealer creasing. Whether you conceal to cover dark circles or to simply brighten the area, it's never an attractive look and it just bugs the hell out of me. So I'm gunna share a few tips and tricks that I have picked up along my makeup wearing journey to crease free concealer.

What causes concealer to crease? Your under eye area is very delicate and should be treated with care. Swiping and pulling on the area can cause premature aging and fine lines, which if not looked after correctly will be a hot mess by lunchtime. The type of concealer has a huge part to play too. Using a heavy duty, thick concealer is always going to crease no matter how much it says it's crease free. Whereas a lighter consistency concealer like a brightening or highlighting pen is more likely to remain crease free right through until the end of the day. 

What can I do? There are things you can do to prevent your concealer from creasing, from skincare right through to applying your concealer. 
1. Skincare: Making sure the under eye area is hydrated is the first step to perfect concealer. But don't get hydrated confused with oily or greasy, as that certainly won't help your concealer to stay on. Always pat the product gently into the skin with your ring finger rather than tugging and swiping. 
2. Concealer: The eyelid primer you use to stop your eyeshadow from creasing does exactly what you need it to, so why not apply this under your eye. Obviously if it's not a colour that can easily blend in with your skin then don't use it but a white, clear or skin tone shade is perfect. 
If you need a lot of coverage for dark circles or anything then investing in a corrector is your best bet. The corrector is lightweight enough to not cause creasing and with it's peachy salmon tones it will counteract the blue and purple in your dark circles so you don't use a shed load of concealer that will crease before your lunch break. Then using a lightweight concealer like a highlighter or brightening pen will do its job, as well as adding a little more coverage for any stubborn signs of your late night. 
3. Finishing Touches: Many people like to set there concealer with a powder, but there's a step I 
like to do first. I take a tissue (not toilet roll) and peel away the ply, then using one ply, lightly and gently press the tissue onto the area - after concealer, before powder - this will remove any excess oil but leave the pigment. Then using a translucent pressed or loose powder, lightly apply this with a nice fluffy brush and that's it. Tip: Spray brush with a setting spray and apply before, after or instead of powder and there you have it... Crease-free concealer, simple right?
4. Touch Ups: If for whatever reason your concealer still creases and you feel you are doing everything you can to prevent it, use a cotton bud, or even your finger to smooth the product and remove any excess that has settled in fine lines (cotton bud gives best results for this). Once done, you can apply a small amount of translucent powder to set the area again and prevent further creasing. 

- Too much oil or moisture under your eye will cause your concealer to slip and slide around. Not pretty. A lightweight eye cream is perfect for your day time hydration fix.
- Don't use a powder with colour to it. This can cause cakey-ness which can then lead to creasing as there's too much product there.
- Using your ring finger, lightly press the corrector or concealer in to the skin, don't rub or swipe. 
- Be gentle with the area and treat it right, make sure the skin under your eye is hydrated and moisturised, not dry or dehydrated as this increases the look of fine lines and wrinkles which nobody seems to want, can't think why?

I hope these tips have helped you in some way. To reiterate, I am not a professional makeup artist, I simply enjoy messing around with makeup and trying different things and these are just the tips I have picked up along the way, and I know it's a concern for many people, so thought I'd share my findings.
Just so you're aware I don't do all of this every day I wear makeup. This routine is only if I need my concealer to last all day, or if I need a flawless makeup look, on a normal day to day basis I am a lot lighter with how much I apply so creasing doesn't normally occur. 

Do you have any tips to stop concealer from creasing under the eyes?

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