A Beauty Chat: How to: Highlight & Contour like a pro


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Contouring and highlighting can be quite difficult, and with photos of Kim Kardashian and her perfectly sculpted face flying around it doesn't make life any easier.

Step 1: Choosing the right bronzer
Choosing the right bronzer is crucial, as there's nothing worse than having an orange shimmery tinge to your bronzer which then ruins your contour. So the shade of bronzer can be difficult to choose but for those of us who have light/fair skin, a light bronzer is perfect. For those of you with darker skin tones, then a warmer darker bronzer is the one for you. Bronzers typically work better as a contour if they're matte and shine-free, as the effect is just not the same with shimmer, and they're available widely, so they're easy to get your hands on. 

Tip: If you have any form of breakouts on your cheek area, using a matte blusher and bronzer will help to reduce the appearance of any spots rather than accentuate them by wearing a shimmery blush. 

Step 2: Choosing the right highlighter
Highlighters come in lots of different shades and formulas. To establish what you want your highlight to look like, and what looks best on your skin is half that battle. If you have more lighter and fairer toned skin, then the ivory or pink highlighters are typically what's best for you. Those with more tanned skin, the bronze-y shade is probably going to be more suitable for you. As for the textures, be it cream, liquid or powder, that's down to personal preference and what you like to use, what looks best on your skin and the look you are going for.

Step 3: Find Those Cheekbones
Many people have a hard time, applying the bronzer in the right place, so now's the time to trace it out. Feel your face with your fingertips. Find where your cheekbones are, and starting at your hair line from the top of your ears, feel where your cheekbones are, and then just below that is the hollows of your cheeks, with some bronzer on a contour brush, lightly trace this along that hollow under your cheekbones so you know where to apply.

Step 4: Carve 'em out
Using that same contour brush, start applying your bronzer, from the tops of your ears towards the coroner of your mouth, keeping underneath those cheekbones and sweep it along until the bronzer is in line with the outside corner of your eye. Keep applying bronzer along that line until you're happy with your contour, and make sure to blend so there's no harsh lines but never blend downwards as that will have the opposit effect to the contour, as you want to sculpt and lift your face not drag it down. Once you're done, it's now time to contour the rest of your face. Starting with the forehead. Apply your contour to your temples, and along your hair line (leaving a gap above your brows for highlighter). To make your nose appear slimmer, using an eyeshadow brush, draw a line with your bronzer along the side of your nose and blend. Apply right on the tip of your nose to make your nose appear shorter. Bronzer can also be added under your bottom lip, the crease of your eyes and along your jaw line to rid any signs of (to put it bluntly) double chin. 

Step 5: Lighten Up
Time for highlighter, and this is to be applied on the highest points of your face where light would naturally hit you. Starting along those cheekbones, above where we applied that contour. Then on the forehead right in the centre. Down the centre of the nose, on the cupids bow, on the middle of the chin and on the inner corner of the eye. Make sure there's no harsh lines by blending well and there you have it. You'll be giving Kim a run for her money in no time.

Did this help you out? Do you have any tips for getting the perfect contour?

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