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A Weekend Post: The Weekly Round Up #10


Every week I give you an insight in to the products I have loved using that week. So let's get cracking.

First up is hair and I got the Charles Worthington Volume & Boost Texturising Spray on the recommendation of Amelia Liana who said she preferred it over the uber expensive Oribe Texturising Spray. I haven't tried the Oribe offering but I had to pick this one up and give it a go and so far I love it. It's a strange product let's put it that way. I have texturising sprays and mousses and all sorts of texture and volume boosting products but none are quite like this. It does what it says on the tin, but it also has a slight hold to it as well, like a hairspray which is what sold it to me originally. I do love this product and I am still getting used to it and trying different ways to use it but this has been pretty much the only thing I have been using to style my hair.

With a huge amount of products from Clarins arriving on my doorstep last week, I have been trying out a few of the bits. The Daily Energizer Cream is a beautiful, light daytime moisturiser which I find is very similar to the Origins GinZing. Both with a light and refreshing texture and energy boosting ingredients the Clarins one has that little bit extra. I will be doing a review/comparison soon so I'm not going into too much detail but I have been really loving this one.

Another recently purchased product is the Superdrug Naturally Radiant Hot Cloth Cleanser. Whilst waiting for a prescription, I had a browse around - never a good idea - and ended up with a basket full of stuff which was most definitely not my intention (I just can't help myself). My excuse? The Superdrug own brands were half price so I just couldn't resist. I had seen a few bloggers mention this as a good affordable cleanser so thought I would give it a go, along with some other products from the range. This cleanser is so creamy and nourishing and makes removing makeup and cleansing such a relaxing task. This is again going to be compared with another well known and loved product so keep your eyes out for that.

Onto makeup now and I have been wearing winged liner again. I used to wear it every day no matter what I was doing and then one day I just stopped, that was 6 months ago so I thought with all the liquid and gel liners available I would give them ago. I still need more practise but hopefully I will be able to get my awesome winged liner techniques back. But the ones I have been loving this week is the Seventeen Gel Eyeliner and the Rimmel Liquid Liner. I find using an angled brush with the gel is easier to control and the marker liner from Rimmel gives amazing precision and with a few touch ups you get a pretty darn good cat eye - in my humble opinion.

I have also been loving the Bourjois Cream Blush in 03, although it has a slight shimmer/glitter in there, I really love the colour and find it compliments my skin tone really well so I am really glad I picked this up, need to get the other one I have out and use that, think that's 01 Nude Velvet or something. 

I have a few lip products I have been reaching for this week. The Maybelline Baby lips in Pink Punch  has been everywhere with me this week as it's a subtle tint to the lips and is very low maintenance. Next is this L'Oreal Rouge Caresse in Aphrodite Scarlet which I love for the same reason. I have been going for the more pinky, toned down shades this week as it's not too wham bam, in your face with the winger eyeliner I have been sporting (and rocking if I do say so myself).

There is a lot going on this week on my blog. This week is complexion week, where I go through some tips and tricks to getting your perfect complexion, whether that's a matte finish or a radiant and healthy glow. I will be posting everyday so please check in and hopefully you will find something that will work for you and please let me know what you think, whether you have learnt any new tips or if you try this out. Let me know in the comments or on my social media pages. Hope you like it. 

What are your favourite products from this week?

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  1. i've always wanted to try the hot cloth cleanser, it looks so lovely and i've heard so many good things about it.

    Lucy | Make up your mind

    1. Definitely recommend the naturally radiant range. The cleanser is so relaxing and moisturising and it's on sale now. X


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