A Feature: What Else Happened in February?


Hope you all had a brilliant February. This has been an amazing month for my blog, www.itsabeauty-thing.co.uk has been created, and you've all been amazingly supportive. But there's also been some not so great things in my personal life including breaking up with my boyfriend, as well as some things with my job and health too. So I'm glad February is over and I hope the month of March is going to be much better.

So this is what happened in February (above photo):
Itsabeautything launched // Valentines Day Look // Lots of New Purchases // 5 Minute Makeup // Finally managed the perfect Top Knot // A Clear Out with DVDs and Books // A Date Night Money Box // Despicable Me Bed // Dog in PJ's // First Birchbox // Valentines GlossyBox // Current Makeup Storage (below) Dressing Table has been ordered //

These are my favourite photos from this month, either from Pinterest or Facebook. The dog in a onesie is the cutest thing, but Darcy (my dog) does not like it when I try and recreate the photo. I am a huge despicable me fan, I love them and I want my own minions, this bed is amazing. The photo below I found on my Facebook news feed, a photographer asked for the bride and groom and guests to all look like they're running away from something horrible, and then he photoshopped the dinosaur in, isn't this the coolest wedding photo ever. Every time I see it I laugh my head off for ages.

Favourite YouTubers this month: 
Emma Pickles // Getting Pretty // Kelly Loves Beauty 1 // Glow Of Grace //

Favourite Bloggers this month:
Hello October // Ghost Parties // Lily Pebbles // Vivianna Does Makeup // 

I hope you liked this post and let me know if you want them to be a permanent feature after the monthly favourite posts.

What happened this month with you?

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