A Beauty Chat: The Face Off #1


Face Off is something new I am trying on my blog, which is basically going to take two similar products and compare them against each other and see which one I like best (your opinions are always welcome so if you agree or disagree with what I have said, or don't like the series then feedback is always welcome). I'll be looking at the good, the not so good and the favourite out of each face off.
Starting off with...

Clarins Daily Energizers Cream vs Origins GinZing Moisturiser

Clarins Daily Energizers Day Cream (£21) is a new addition to my skincare stash and so far I have been loving it. It's a lot like the Origins GinZing Energy boosting Moisturiser (£23). Whilst the Origins offering is a very light, gel like texture with quite a strong citrusy scent and is very refreshing on the skin. The Clarins option I find is much more hydrating and moisturising, absorbs quickly and although it is still very refreshing and zingy I feel it really gives me the perfect amount of nourishment on my skin and still provides a good base for makeup. I have just about finished my pot of the Origins GinZing moisturiser so won't be picking it up in a hurry as I have the Clarins one now but definitely recommend both.

Now time for the nitty gritty.

Clarins Daily Energizers Cream
Advertised as an energy boosting, radiance enhancing cream, with vitamin C, plant extracts and -magic ingredient - Ginkgo Biloba, this moisturiser is recommended for women in there 20's as it also eliminates minor imperfections and gives a matte finish but with enough moisture for those more dehydrated skin gals out there - I feel your pain. All sounds pretty good so far right? If the matte finish, oil free, radiant skin doesn't quite see you leaping for your purse, then the fresh looking even skin tone, with soft, smooth and oily free skin should surely get you out of your seat?

Origins GinZing Moisturiser
Also advertised as an energy booster due to the Panax Ginseng and Coffee Bean, this instantly hydrates with its gel lightweight texture, giving lacklustre skin a refreshed, healthy glow - which is what's on everyones wishlist right? Said to be a skin energy drink, no wonder this stuff is one of their best sellers. This really does kick start the radiance rev counter and as it's oil free, it is brilliant before applying makeup as it is quickly absorbed into the skin, so none of this waiting around for 10 minutes for your moisturiser to soak in. Ain't nobody got time for that (I'm sorry, I'm disappointed in myself for those words coming out of my fingertips onto the keyboard). 

Which one is my favourite you ask? Well the Origins one really did amaze me when I first tried it and I didn't think I would find anything similar but the Clarins Daily Energizer Cream has topped it this time and is definitely my favourite out of the two. 

Hope you liked this style of review/comparison, let me know your thoughts on either of these and any other products you would like to see in my next Face Off. 

Have you tried either of these energy boosting daily moisturisers?

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