A Beauty Chat: Complexion Perfection #4 The Finishing Touches


So with everything else done, with whatever steps you have used from the previous posts, this is the extra things you can do to give your skin a matte, or radiant finish.

Highlighter. Whether you have oily skin, or dry skin, you can still wear a highlighter. Be it cream, liquid or powder, apply a light dusting over the cheek bones and on your forehead etc. and you're good to go.

Now powder is good for all makeup looks. Whether it's a translucent powder to dust over your t-zone (and other oily patches) or an illuminating powder to add a little extra too your complexion. Both of these, if used right, will finish your look. Translucent powder is a must have in every oily skin persons makeup bag - well in anyone's for that matter - but not only can it be used when first applying makeup to set it, but it can be used for touch ups during the day. Illuminating powders will add a radiance to the skin, but it too can set your makeup and be used for touch ups during the day. 

Blusher is also something that can really add to your complexion. Whether it's a matte powder blush or a cream blush,  not only do they give you a flush of colour but add to your perfect complexion. The sheen of a cream blush on those cheeks will add to the healthy and natural radiant complexion that everyone is going crazy for. Whilst a matte powder blush will keep things looking grease free, and won't take the attention from any highlighter that you may apply to your cheekbones. Give it a try and see the difference it makes. 

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