A Beauty Chat: Complexion Perfection #3 The Base


We've already been through the skincare and preperation side of getting your perfect complexion. Now it's time for foundation.

Oily skin girls, I hear your pain. I have quite combination skin and it's awful when trying to find something that gives you a matte base all day but that doesn't make you look cakey or leave you applying goodness knows how much powder. Always go with the matte bases. Be it liquid, cream or powder, matte is always best. You can always add radiance if needed. A powder foundation is really good at giving a matte look, it just depends on the coverage you need. Otherwise, a liquid foundation is just as good. Remember, you don't have to add shimmer to give you a healthy glow. Highlight - whether it's under the eyes, forehead, chin, nose or cheek bones. You can use a lighter shade concealer or foundation and lightly apply this where needed and this can give you the appearance of healthy, bright skin.

With normal to drier skin types, it's easy to get a little highlighter happy and just go crazy, but if you use an illuminating foundation, it will give you just the right amount of glow (depending on what other steps you use from previous posts). Just remember, don't go OTT, it's not a good look. You can still use a lighter colour concealer to brighten areas, like around the eyes, nose or wherever needed.

Part 4 will be up tomorrow which will go through any extra things you can do to help your skin look perfect.

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