A Beauty Chat: Complexion Perfection #2 The Preparation


Yesterday's post covered the things you can include in your skin care routine to get your perfect complexion. Today we're going to go through the preperation of your skin, before makeup, so primers and any extras to give the extra boost.

For combination and oily skin types, a matte finish is definitely something that is desired a lot, so using a primer that will smooth your skin, combat problematic skin, and leave you with a matte finish is what I have found really works. It is very difficult to know what should be used for which skin type and everyone is unique with the skin they have, problematic or not, and you really have to customize the products you use or how you use them until you're happy with the end result. For people with more normal to combination skin, keep reading, you may find something to give your skin a bit of a glow.

Moving on to the drier skin types. One primer that can smooth your skin, create a perfect base for makeup, make it last all day, and give you a natural radiance is probably a little too much to ask for, so why not use more than one. We're not talking more than three here but if you find a primer combo that works for you, then by all means go for it. I find using a good primer to smooth my skin and help my problem areas is definitely what my skin needs, but then for an added glow, why not use something that will give you that too. There are plenty of radiance boosters out there, be it skincare or makeup, drugstore or highend, there's something for everyone. I tend to use a cream or liquid highlighter and put it in the areas I want to be highlighted BEFORE I apply foundation, and the illuminator will be subtle and natural - because let's face it, no one really wants to look like Edward Cullen in sunlight no matter how dreamy he is. If applying it before foundation isn't something that works for you, then try adding it to your foundation. 

Post #3 will be up tomorrow so keep an eye out, as we'll be covering all thing foundation and concealer related. 

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