A Beauty Chat: Complexion Perfection #1 The Skincare


This week we're going to cover all things complexion based. From a radiant healthy glow to a matte (but not flat) look. 
First off is the skincare. Skincare is step 1 in your preparation to getting whatever look it is you're going for.

Cleanser plays a big part in your skincare routine. Because the cleanser you use, then preps your skin for whatever is next. Whether you have oily skin or dry skin, a cleanser is so important and I am a big believer on nourishing, and calming cleansers. Whether this is in the form of a balm, gel or cream, all these will help your skin.

So for all those with combination or oily skin, you will probably be looking for a matte finish to your makeup and skin, using a foaming face wash or something that strips the skin, may seem like the perfect answer. It's not. Using one of these cleansers will cause your skin to over compensate in oil production because you have stripped away the oil your skin naturally produces. So by lunch time you could be battling with a serious case of "The Grease Ball". But using a calming cream cleanser, will soothe your skin and will help to balance your skins oil production - used over long term and you will see a huge difference. 
So cleanser done, and whatever serums and eye cream you use on your skin you've applied. Whether you are using a moisturiser with an SPF in or you are using a separate one, this is also a very important step. Using a thick, rich cleanser is obviously not the answer as that will cause further issues with your oily skin, so something with a lighter consistency like a gel moisturiser is going to be perfect for you. 

On to those with drier skin. You are probably looking for a healthy radiant glow to your skin but are possibly worried of your dry patches? Well here's what I did, using a gentle cleanser, whether it be balm, gel, or cream will really help to give your skin a moisturised and healthy glow, not massively noticeable but it will help. Again, after serums, eye creams and whatever is in your morning routine, with a separate SPF or with it in your moisturiser, try and use something that is a bit more nourishing is going to help with that natural glow - nothing too thick and rich, we don't want to over do it, but not too little as we need to make sure dry patches are moisturised and nourished to prevent flakey skin.

I hope this gives you a little idea as to what you can do, before makeup to get the finish you are looking for. 
Tomorrow's post will be all to do with prep - primers and extras, so make sure you check in tomorrow to see the next step. 

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