A Beauty Chat: Weekly Round Up #6


I apologise that I haven't been posting over the last week. Not only have I been very poorly I have also had some technical difficulties - my laptop went kaput and everything on it has been lost forever - not happy. I am using my new ipad to post this today so I apologise if it is slightly different to normal posts, I am still waiting for my laptop to be returned. But although this is going to look very odd to the other posts I have done, I wanted to post something so it doesn't confuse me when I have my laptop back and because I have a lot of products I have been loving. Anyway, time to get into the products I have been loving over the last week or so. 

A few new products have come to be in my possession which I have slowly been testing out and I have been loving using them over the last week. 

1. Move over Giorgio Armani, there's a new base in town and it is just stunning. It's my newest purchase of all and it's the Yves Saint Laurent Youth Liberator Foundation in B10. I have totally fallen in love with this. It applies and blends so easily when using a buffing brush, but using the Sigma F80 it gives a fuller coverage and just looks amazing. I still have to use concealer on pesky blemishes but it covers redness perfectly. It is just phenomenal. Definitely a must have for anyone who is face base crazy. 

2. Next is concealer and I have been using a concealer combo that is has tackled the look of blemishes and scars which I have a few on my chin at the minute. First up is the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, which is a rediscovery. I have had one in my Muji storage but it kept leaking so I never used it. So I bought another one and so far it is okay. I use this on my dark circles, but I also use this on blemishes. I dab it on using my fingers and then I go in with the Seventeen Phwoarr Paint over the top. Then apply powder over just the blemish to keep it all in place. These are both available at the drugstore therefore they are very affordable as well.

3. I was so impressed by the Indeed Lab's Hydraluron, I thought I would try out the Pepta-Bright from them as well. Although the scent is a little off putting, the performance makes up for it. Whilst yes it is known for anti-aging, I got it mainly to tackle the scars from past breakouts on my chin. 
4. Pai Rosehip Oil has really helped my skin look and feel more plump, firmer and it has even helped with any blemishes I have. The only down side with this product is that it smells darn awful. A post will be coming up shortly which will go into more detail of this product but overall, I give it the thumbs up.
5. On to hair now and I have been obsessed with the L'Oreal Mythic Oil. I apply this everyday without fail and it doesn't weigh my hair down, it doesn't make it look greasy or unwashed for a week like some oils can. It makes my hair so shiny and feel so soft that I don't know how my hair survived without this stuff. My hair drinks this up as soon as I apply it and I really noticed a change in my hair even after a few uses. this is a miracle for dry, damaged, even frizzy hair so I highly recommend getting your hands on it. 

6. So for nail polish I have been alternating between neutral and darker shades as I don't like to wear dark colours all the time otherwise it stains my nails which is not a good look. In particular O.P.I Malaga Wine, Barry M Gelly Nail Pain in Lychee have been my go to polishes.


7. I have been pretty much living in my cosy tights the last couple of months and I find they're warmer than wearing jeans or leggings, as they have a fleece lining in them. I need to get some more so I have plenty as I just love them. These particular ones are from Tu for £6.00 but Primark ones are around £3.50 they are so amazing and a definite must have, especially with the infamous crap weather the UK has. 

8. My final love for this weeks weekly round up is my brand new ipad. I was never really that fussed about getting an ipad but I have been wanting to get a tablet for a while as my laptop is so big to carry around, and when my laptop decided to throw a tantrum I thought I would take the dive and get a tablet. I actually went in to Currys for the Windows Surface 2, but they didn't have any in stock in a 50 mile radius of Stamford so I had a look at some other ones and I am glad I did because I left the store with an Ipad Air. I won't be using this for blogging or anything like that, certainly not all the time anyway, but I am really glad I have got this now and love everything about it. 

Again, apologies about the lack of posts and, also if this one isn't up to normal standards. Technology and I are not getting on well at the minute, but hopefully when I get my laptop back (even though everything had to be wiped from it) things will go back to normal here at ATB.

What have your favourites been on the last week?


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