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A Beauty Essential: Hair Care Top Picks #7 - Part 2


If you didn't catch my hair care post then click here. But today I am going to be covering the hair tools I use and why I love them. 

First up is my hair dryer. I have had this Babyliss one for a year or so now and although it's nothing fancy with loads or gadgets, it's just a good basic hair dryer. It does what I need it to which is to rough dry my hair to get the extra water from it and I then leave to dry naturally over night. If I've washed my hair through the day or in the morning then I will 80% dry my hair and then finish with the next tool.

Another from Babyliss now and I got this just before Christmas, it's the Babyliss Big Hair Rotating Brush. This took a lot of practise (and a lot of cursing) but now I love it. It really helps to add volume to my lifeless hair, especially the roots and I use this most mornings on what was my bangs but I am now growing them out, so this really helps to style and volumise my some what limp and dry hair. 

Now onto straighteners and I got these GHD straighteners from my parents this Christmas and I love them. I am still getting used to them as the Remington ones I had before are wireless and have much wider plates - it's safe to say I have burnt myself on these far too many times in the last month, but I love them and I'm hoping that I will stop waiting for them to heat up whilst I section my hair off (I just can't help it, I forget they aren't my old cordless ones). 

Finally is my curling wand and this is the Babyliss Pro Curl 210 Curling Wand. With a 21mm barrel I have really been loving using these. Another fairly new purchase but I needed one with a bigger barrel and as these were on sale in boots I thought I would use the boots gift card I got from Dani for Christmas and put it to good use. I use these quite a lot, and I find that having multiple temperature settings is really helpful for whatever style you're wanting. I find that having a bigger wand and shorter hair I can accomplish my not too curly, not too straight, not frizzy, but a tidy messy do (wow, that makes sense). 

That's it for my hair tools post today, let me know If you have any recommendations or favourite hair tools, I'm always looking to try seeming new.

What's your favourite hair tool/product?


(I am not being sponsored by Babyliss I just really love there hair tools and have used them for years.)

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