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A Beauty Essential - The 2013 Round Up: Hair & Nails


Here is my next installment of The 2013 Round Up, which includes my favourite, most used and most repurchased products for my hair and nails.

Nails: My nail polish collection has grown dramatically over the course of 2013 and a lot of products have stuck out for me. The first being Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat. This dries nails in less than a minute, which is brilliant for me as I am so impatient and hate waiting around. This has been incredible, and although it hasn't helped with the longevity of my nail polish, it certainly makes the application a lot smoother.

A nail colour that has been on my nails numerous times is Barry M Nail Paint in Navy. This is my most used navy polish, and I love the Barry M polishes in general but this has been repurchased numerous times and I am in need of another one pretty soon. Another Barry M polish is Raspberry, this is the perfect mix of red, purple, and pink and is another one that has been on my nails a lot, especially in the colder months.

Some summer shades now and these two in particular were well loved. Rimmel 60 Seconds in Too Cool To Tango and Maybelline Super Stay in Mint For Life. Pastel shades were very popular in the amazing summer that the UK had and these still have their place on my nail polish rack. I would never have imagined I would wear anything mint green, never mind nail polish.

Hair: I have discovered some old and some new hair products this year, so to start off with I will start with new. L'Oreal EverRiche Shampoo & Conditioner have pride of place in my bathroom. I love how nourishing they are, the scent, and the price is reasonable too. These have helped my hair no end, and even though sometimes I can find them to weigh my hair down, these have made a huge difference to the feel and look of my hair.

Bumble & Bumble Thickening Contour Creme somehow made it's way in to my hair styling-ish process, and I have used it every day since. Although this has a hefty price tag on it for a hair product, this little pot will last forever.

This year has seen the introduction to a tonne of texturising, thickening, volumising products. Yes they were around before, but this year, there has seen a huge boost in the sales of such products - get it boost? I'm too funny. I have tried quite a few texturising and thickening sprays and blow drying products so in general I like the concept, idea and performance of those products, some particular ones are: L'Oreal TXT Texturising Spray, John Freida Blow Dry Lotion and the V05 Give Me Texture Spray.

Another 2013 round up post done. Keep your eyes out for the for the last post that will be up tomorrow, covering all things makeup and some thank you's too.

What's your favourite nail or hair product from 2013.


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  1. I really want to try out the L'oreal ever riche shampoos! they look lovely :)


    1. Oh it's amazing, the whole range is. I am trying the perfect elixir hair masque from the EverRiche range at the minute and I love it. Definitely worth a try.


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