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A Review - The Best Lasagne EVER!!


Whilst on a shopping trip with my best friend Dani, we popped in the newly opened Bar & Restaurant Wildwood in Peterborough.

As soon as we walked in we were amazed. It was so beautiful, a bar "island" as soon as you walk in - and they have a candy floss machine. The place is huge, there are two main rooms which are huge, speerated in the middle with consetina doors and huge wooden dresser unit type things storing the napkins, menus, cutlery etc. and that's not even all of the restaurant. Past the bar and through the doors, you come into the other half of the seating area which is just as brilliantly spaced out as the front space. At the end of the tables is the kitchen, which is open so you can see them making your food. And they have a candy floss machine. A candy floss machine - Amazing - I'm sold.

The drinks menu was just as extravagant as the room. So much choice. With peach or pink lemonade, Appletizers, a huge wine menu and an even bigger array of other alcoholic beverages. This all sounds like a normal restuarant (apart from the candy floss machine). But the food came out and we then knew that this was an amazing place. Whenever I go out to a restaurant for dinner, 9 times out of 10 if they serve Lasagne, I will order Lasagne. I love the stuff, and I can always tell how good a place is when they bring out my food. Dani had the burger and my goodness it looked amazing, and she said it was the best chicken burger she ever had. But the lasagne stole the show, best one I have ever had and I will definitely be going back there. I definitely recommend going to this place and when I visit again I will be going to see how good their pizzas are.

Where's your favourite place to eat?


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