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A Feature - The Primer Posse Top Picks #5


Having troublesome skin, screams the need for a good primer, so this post is a few of the ones that I have loved, and one that I didn't.

First up I am going to start with my favourite one that I am loving at the moment. It is the Revlon Photo Ready offering, and this has really helped my makeup stay on and where it should be. I have also been using this right under my eyes as I have been finding that my concealer tends to crease a lot so with the primer underneath it has been looking flawless. This primer makes my skin so velvety soft, almost to the point where I don't like the texture of the product whilst I'm applying it onto my face. But once I got past that the results of the primer was amazing.

My next favourite is from No7, there Airbrush Away Primer is just brilliant for if I am having a better skin day. I find this doesn't quite do what I need it to on the more spotty areas and it doesn't smooth out the under eye area as much as the Revlon one, but I still like this when my skin is on its best behaviour. I only have a sample size, but the full size can be purchased from Boots online or in store.

One in particular that I don't get on with very well is from Seventeen, it's their Poreless Primer. I used it for about a week and noticed that my skin got worse everyday that I used it, to the point where I had lots of tiny red painful bumps around my nose, under my eyes and on my chin, with some active breakouts added in as well let's just say my skin was far from impressed. I had been trying a new product as well so I am not 100% certain it was all down to this primer, but the thing I just couldn't get used to was the fact it was a solid primer, which you rub your finger over (quite a lot to get enough product) and when you put it on your face it does reduce the look of your pores. I used this primer in conjunction with the Illuminating Primer from MONU.

Remember: Using a primer, you have to make sure that you have cleansed your skin effectively, I would suggest doing a double cleanse if you are using a primer. The primer is supposed to smooth the texture of the skin, making a perfect base for your makeup, and how else does it do it than filling in those pores, lines etc. So you have to make sure that you are cleansing your skin thoroughly enough that there is no remnants of the primer on your skin otherwise that's a breeding ground for blocked pores and breakouts will start to appear.

Back to another primer that I have been loving using is the Benefit Porefessional Primer. This primer has a lot of hype behind it from YouTube and Blogs, and for good reason. This has a slight tint to it so it has that extra boost to really help reduce the sight of pores and provide a beautiful base fore your foundation of choice. This is even pricier than the No7 option, but it has a large cult following, and the small amount you have to use means it will last you for a while. 

An option for people who are on a lower budget is another product from Seventeen. This is actually called the Skin WOW 3 Way Highlighter and one of the ways it can be used is as a primer. Personally I don't like using this as a primer as I feel it has too much of an illuminating effect which is fine as a highlighter, but all over the face I think it is slightly too much.

Unfortunately I don't have the salary to be able to try more of the higher end primers, but I will be trying to get some sample or travel sizes to see if they are worth the price of the full size.

What is your favourite primer?


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