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Christmas Shopping Inspiration?


Need some help deciding where you can get Christmas Presents from this year? Or struggling for ideas? Well don't worry, I have a number of sites and shops for you to have a browse over and see if you can get any inspiration or gifts for your loved ones this year.

So let's get cracking...

First up is some online beauty stores that are a neccessity in my Christmas shopping inspiration, to make sure what I'm buying is not only of excellent quality but has real customer reviews to help me decide and that I am getting it for a brilliant price and they can help you too. Want to browse the offers and discounts available to keep from wearing out your bank card? Check out beauty.mysupermarket.co.uk/ a brilliant site that can save you some extra pennies - pricerunner.co.uk is also another good site to check out. They are my personal favourites but there are lot's out there that you can look at. Of course Boots and Superdrug are first on any shopping spree, everyone likes to take full advantage of the 3 for 2 offers they have on, especially for Christmas gifts.

Another good site to look at is feelunique.com, they have lot's of different brands on there, from Rimmel to Bare Minerals to Dior and Yves Saint Laurent. There are often sales on the site and they have offers on quite a lot, whether it be free home delivery or 10% off when you spend a certain amount. There is something on there for every budget, with lot's of gift sets and ideas for you to get inspiration from. Personally, when I buy a "gift set" for anyone, I like to make it personal to them, whether that means I have to make my own Gift Set  and put things I know they like in their and do a bit of a general gift or getting a gift set with there favourite things in already, I like the personal touch to show them I really care about them and that I know what they like.

For someone like myself who likes all things beauty, I also love sites and shops like Cult Beauty, Beauty Bay, Beauty Expert, Urban RetreatSpace NK or The Beauty Department which are just full of little treasures and hidden gems and I guarantee if you are looking for something as a gift, these are your sites to get them from. Whether you prefer to do everything from the comfort of your own sofa whilst sat infront of a fire then just click on the links to take you to the websites. They are definitely worth having a look if you are stuck with what to buy people.

On to the more varied sites, my personal favourite site ever, eBay (seriously I am addicted, doesn't help I have the app on my phone) and Amazon. If you have something in particular in mind and they are quite expensive then check on one of these sites and they will 9 times out of 10 have exactly what you are looking for. Sometimes it's not always with a price cheaper than somewhere else and if that's the case that is when you need to do some comparing prices.

If you prefer something a bit more atmospheric and with a wider range of things, then your answer is a department store, some of my favourites are John Lewis, Debenhams, House Of Fraser and Selfridges. The atmostphere in these places is incredible and sometimes they have offers or something on and you can get some lovely gifts.

If there is one thing I had to pick as my favourite thing about Christmas is going to the department stores and looking around all the Christmas things, decorations, gifts, it's probably one of the only things that gets me feeling festive. I just love it.

I love doing a box/basket full of little gifts for my close family and friends, and adding some little keepsakes or something to relate to the person or to our relationship, is something that I just love to add to make it more personal. There will be other gifts in there which I know they like but I love the personal touch it gives to the gift, not just something someone else has thrown together.
What are your favourite places to go shopping? What are your favourite gift ideas this year?


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