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The Christmas Party: Accessories Edition


The final installment of my top picks this festive season is the accessories. 

These go with each of the outfits from the previous post.

Although at the minute I'm not able to wear heels because I have a dodgy hip, my shoes of choice whenever the occasion requires them are these black patent heels from Barratts. I love these shoes. They are so comfortable and I used to be able to wear these a lot longer than I could any other high shoes. I also got the black clutch from Barratts as well, it is big enough to fit all sorts in (possibly a bad idea) and you can use it as a clutch or there is a long chain on it so you can have it hanging off your shoulder. This bag has saved me on many nights out, with the room to put in some products to touch up on, and to keep friends things safe when they don't have enough room in their clutches.

A black leather belt with a gold buckle goes with just about any outfit, and I love that it brings you in at the smallest part (depending on how you wear it) and is very flattering.

Next up is jewellery, and I have not had a day where I haven't worn this watch, no matter what. But some times I do want to have something a little smaller, this grey watch from Pia is perfect for those people who feel naked without a watch on. In all honesty, I really struggle to read the time on this watch, I know, a 21 year old who can't read the time, shock - Only on this watch - I am awesome at reading the time really *thumbs up*. 
My grey Pandora Charm bracelet is again something that I wear everyday, but I have a silver bracelet that when the occasion calls for it I swap my charms over onto, which makes it look a bit fancier. As far as necklaces go, this Vivienne Westwood Pearl Necklace is my favourite to add a little glitz to an outfit.

I tend to keep my accessories as simple as possible. I am a very clumsy person and it makes me nervous that I am wearing these pieces that aren't exactly cheap and that anything could happen when alcohol is involved.

I hope you enjoyed this Festive Party Top Picks and this it could have helped you with choosing what you are wearing, using etc.

Any recommendations for other readers your favourite Christmas Party Picks?


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