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A Beauty Essential - Easy Peasy


Anyone who loves to wear nail polish knows that the one people always avoid is the glitter polishes.
But I have the answer...

I have had on an accent nail full of glitter polish for the last week. Infact there were 2 layers of Ciate gold polish, and 2 layers of the glitter polish from Seventeen, which was amazing and opaque in 1 layer over the gold but I wanted a bit more glitter so another coat and then it was time for my saviour top coat... Seche Vite (I love this stuff). 

So I had been dreading the time where my nails are gross enough that I HAVE to remove it. So Saturday night, in my onesie, face mask on, I decided to tackle the dreaded nail polish removing task. 5 minutes later it was all off, I was so surprised I just had to let you guys know.

The secret?... Lint pads. You can get these for next to nothing on eBay and you get so many in a pack you will never run out and literally all it is, is rectangles of thin lint material (they use it to dress wounds) and I just soaked one in nail polish remover and wrapped it round one finger, and held it there, I then did the same on the other nail and browsed the Cult Beauty website for a couple of minutes. When I thought I had left it to soak in long enough, I pulled the lint pad off, trying to scrape as much off as I could as I went. I then did thesame to the other one and I was amazed. I then realised that it was pretty much all gone. Only round the outside of the nail, and another lint pad soaked in nail polish remover and a quick rub over the nail and it was all off. 

I can't believe it, this is the most opaque glitter polish I have used and there was a lot on there, I use the same nail polish remover everytime so I know it's not all down to that as it is my favourite nail polish remover I just prefer it in a pump bottle (which you can get on eBay or a beauty supply store).

I wanted to share this quick post with you as I thought it may help some of you out who are wearing more glittery polishes now the festive season has arrived.

Do you have any secrets to get glitter nail polish off?


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