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A Beauty Chat - Loves #3


Over the last week I have fallen in love with a foundation, become obsessed with some Soap & Glory lip products and have a new addiction for the well know Breaking Bad TV series. I just love it.

So I am going to start with my favourite foundation from this week. The Georgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation in Shade 3. This was delivered at the beginning of the week and I have been testing it out and just love it. I am a huge fan of the natural look it gives, it is incredibly similar to the Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation which is why I think I love this so much. It lasts all day and can be built up to a heavier coverage if needed. But this covers redness remarkably. A full review will be up next week which will go into more depth about the product and the technology behind it.

Next is black eyeliner. As simple as that. I saw a trick from makeup and beauty genius Fleur from Fleurdeforce, in which she changed a very simple daytime makeup look to a very beautiful night time look with the use of some black eyeliner and a brush. With which she simply applied black kohl eyeliner to the upper lash line and used the brush to smudge it out to create a subtle smokey eye. The perfect way to transform an everyday look to something so brilliantly simple but classy, evening look. I have been wearing this eye makeup all week and I just absolutely love the look it gives my lashes as well. With the help of another of my favourites, the Japonesque Pro Eyelash Curler. This style is not something that I have tried before, but I wanted something different as my current ones just weren't keeping a curl even with tonnes of waterproof mascara applied. Although they take a little while to get the hang of, once they do, you wouldn't believe how beautiful and natural your eyelashes can look and how much they can open and awaken your eyes, and the curl stays all day.

My go to lip products this week have been from Soap & Glory. Something else that I just couldn't resist after seeing another of FleurdeForce's Youtube videos. I already have the Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick in Raplumzel, but as mentioned in Fleurs video, the Nudist colour is just beautiful. She also mentioned the Super - Colour - Fabu - Lip Stick in The Missing Pink and Perfect Day. The formula of both of these is so moisturising and glides on so beautifully they really don't get enough credit in the beauty world. The Gloss Sticks do have a larger following, and I love there vanilla smell and taste and how they look so shiny and glossy but have good colour pay off as well. I only have the "your lips but better" colours in the lipsticks but I am very keen to get some more of the brighter colours and see just they stack up to everyday life.
I have finally found a piece of tartan clothing which I am comfortable wearing. My search for  a blanket sized tartan scarf is still in full force but I found this skater dress on eBay that I just love and think with black tights and some boots would be brilliant for a casual, wintery look. Or swap the boots for some black pumps or heels to add the smartness that may be needed. I just love it, and it is my favourite style of dress so I feel content in. If you want to check out it then please visit here

Finally is a general life love and that is the Breaking Bad TV Series. I picked up the first 3 series on DVD from HMV for £19.99 as I was on the lookout for another series that I can really sink my teeth in to. This is something that has been raved about everywhere, and I can't help but surrender to a bit of peer pressure. I am still working my way through the episodes but I know that as soon as I have got through these I will be sure to go out and get the next series. I have been given a fair amount of time off from work over the next month so I have plenty of time to settle down with a blanket and a box of matchmakers and discover a new world full of meth cookers and tighty whiteys.

Oh and I have been loving the Gingerbread Man sponge from The Body Shop. I don't use it as a sponge, it's currently chilling out with my skincare stash - £3.50 well spent.

What have been your favourite products this week? Do you have any TV series recommendations?


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