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The Weekly Round Up #2


Following my monthly favourites I thought I would show you some more products I have been loving the last week or so.
First up I am going to start with haircare.
I purchased a new texturising/thickening/volumising hybrid from L'Oreal Paris it's there Studio Line #TXT Texture Styling Spray (or something along those lines) and I have really loved how my hair looks and feels with this in. It just give so much more volume to my flat and lifeless hair and I have been using it in conjunction with the Bumble & Bumble Thickening Creme Contour. It just adds something extra to it and for one to be so affordable and easily accessible, the B&B is available from most Boots stores and although it is on the higher price bracket it is still very much worth it.

Next is skincare and these things I have religiously been using to try and help my skin get through it's tantrum. First is the Boots Botanics All Bright Cleansing Toner. Yet another exfoliating toner in my skincare stash but this one is a lot more mild and is perfectly okay to use everyday (remember your SPF). But since I started using this my skin has dramatically and visibily improved over night. Incredible. Next is something I used to use a lot the Estee Lauders Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator I did a full review on it but I have dug it out and I have been really enjoying using it again. I put it on before I apply my Revlon primer and it's just beautiful. Finally for the skincare sector is the infamous Indeed Labs Hydraluron. This has just been something that has tackled the dehydrated side of my skin concerns and is something that I use everyday but I have just been more dedicated to using it twice a day every day.

Onto my 2 makeup items, and continuing with the illluminating products, Seventeen Skin WOW 3 Way Highlighter, I use this in rotation with The Balms Mary Lou-Manizer Highlighting Powder. This is a lot more suitable and I like that on a more day to day basis. It is in a liquid form as well, and it can be used 3 ways. 1. Before foundation (as a primer), 2. Added to your foundation, 3. As a normal Highlighter. I prefer using it as a simple highlighter and it can be use before or after you apply foundation. Last but not least is the Garnier Anti-Dark Circle Eye Roll On. This has been brilliant to use under my eyes, and I use it over my YSL Touche Eclat, but the dark circle duo has just been brilliant in covering up the tiredness and sleepless nights.

Have you got any products you have been enjoying using over the last week?

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