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What is your face worth to you? - Top Picks #1


Something I often have friends ask me is why do I spend so much money on skincare and makeup? The answer...
...Why wouldn't I?.

A wise lady named Caroline Hirons once said that it is a privilege to get older, as not many people have that luxury. Agree? Along with, you only get one face so why wouldn't you take care of it? Well? Both of these comments got me thinking about how we should be taking care of our skin, even now at 21 I know that I have abused my skin, it's been through a lot but I intend on kicking those bad habits out the window and treating my skin like royalty.
If paying £50 for a handbag or shoes is in your budget, then paying £50 for skincare shouldn't be an issue, right?
So here are some products that are my skincare must haves and I owe some of the credit to these products for the improvement of my skin (no it's not perfect but improvement is always good). Having given these products the test of time I have found some products that I can't say enough good things about. So here goes...

1. Emma Hardie Amazing Face Natural Lift & Sculpt Moringa Cleansing Balm. What a name. This stuff is without a doubt the best skincare product I own, and I own a fair bit. With a lot of cleansing balms on the market (which shall we say are more affordable) this is by far the best I have tried. I was very reluctant to purchase this as the idea of spending £34 on a product was just insane, but after researching the ingredients, watching and reading reviews and seeing what else there was on offer from other brands, (and at the time being on sale for £28) this is always the one I came back to. Hands down it's just an incredible product - Nice one Emma Hardie.

2. L'Oreal Skin Perfection 15 Second Miracle Cleansing Oil. I wish they would make these names shorter. The thought of putting an oil anywhere near my face was daunting and quite frankly I thought was unbelievably stupid. But after using this product and seeing how it just melts away the makeup so effortlessly, I slowly came around to it and I still love using it everyday. I will continue to recommend this product as I just think the performance of this is remarkable.

3. Michael Todd True Organics Blue Green Algae Anti-bacterial Toner. The first product I tried from the brand and it was love at first site. MT really stood out to me with the True Organic products that they offer and with the word anti-bacterial in the name this product really stood out to me. In all honesty I wasn't 100% sold on this when I first started using it but overtime with occasionally another product being picked instead, I could see a difference when I didn't use it. I am currently waiting for a new bottle to be delivered and my skin has just gone doolally. I highly recommend this to anyone but in particular, anyone who is suffering with some unwelcome guests on their face.  

4. Alpha H Liquid Gold. No matter what people say about this product, it is your best friend if you have troubled skin which needs a bit of a boost every now and then. As a Glycolic Acid treatment this will exfoliate the skin without any of these nasty little beads, and will slough off the dead skin leaving a more radiant and smoother complexion, I have found it also reduces size of breakouts over night. I don't know where I would be without this stuff, and I plan on trying some more of the Alpha H products but for now, this is a must have in my skin care stash and right now is my complete saviour with my some what spotty skin.

5. Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish. Great for somebody just starting out with skin care (this is the first product I gave to Dani to use), and is a great product to keep a back up of in case a different product gets your skin all irritated this is always the safe cleanser that just helps to calm and soothe the skin. I use this product in the morning and sometimes at night. This will get off waterproof mascara in seconds, will remove even the heaviest foundation, without irritating your skin whatsoever. The well known and loved skincare brand pride themselves on using natural ingredients that won't irritate the skin. Although this isn't a highstreet price level product, for a starter kit only £14.25 consisting of a 100ml bottle and 2 muslin cloths this is in my eyes a skincare bargain.

There are my top 5 must have skincare products, and although I have a few other products that I am trying out or have my eye on, these are ones I will always go back to as I trust them but keep an eye out for some new product reviews that will be up next week.

Please check out Caroline Hirons' (a skincare expert) blog. It's incredible.

What are your trusted skincare products?


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