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A Beauty Essential - Autumn/Winter Essentials - Fashion Edition #1


Today has been like a perfect Autumn day, a tad chilly (enough for coat and snood) but still the need for sunglasses as the sun made an appearance, shining on the yellow and golden leaves, well it was a beautiful sight. So I thought I'd do my Autumn/Winter Essentials - From bath and body stuff to fashion.

As I haven't done many fashion posts (only 1) I thought I would start with the clothing essentials for these upcoming colder months.

A new fashion called coatigans has made its debut appearance again this year (I think), and if you have something thick enough, then it is a fairly simple, easy and warm fashion piece. I like my thick cable knit jumpers, which are smart, snuggly and casual without looking like I'm in my fat day clothes. The burgunday cardigan I found in New Look and in my opinion they have got some really lovely, festive and cosy cardigans this year with lots of colour options - It's perfectly fine to dress in festive clothes in November, people are such scrooges. I chose this burgunday one but they have a green one and some other colours as well I believe, in around the sameprice range, which I am keen to pick up some more.

Both of these cardigan and dress combos, I wear for work and for casual wear. I love the skater dress and skirt fashion and I feel comfortable wearing them. The above cardigan is my favourite colour, it's the exact size I want in regards to the thickness and how warm it is. The below dress and cardigan are fairly recent purchases from Primark which I have shown in another post. A skater skirt and cardigan again but with thick tights this is perfect as a transitional outfit. I also love wearing the below cardigan with a navy skater dress.

This outfit is something that I just cannot stop wearing. The blue jeans were in the back of my wardrobe as when I purchased them they were too big - Guess that means I need to lay off the apple pie and custard (favourite food EVER). But now they are a perfect fit and I love how they look with this simple vest top and striped cardigan and with the added textures and shape of the jacket, I think it works really well. Add a scarf for the chillier days and outfit done.

I have my fair share of jumpers, from thick snuggly ones to thin, needs to be layered ones. This one is my favourite, from eBay last year, this can be dressed up or down with accessories, shoes, bag etc. But can be worn off the shoulder or just like a normal jumper, it is slightly baggy so it hides anything you want it to hide, but it is so warm, I absolutely love it. This was about £7.99 if I remember correctly.

This outfit is not a normal choice for me. The jeans are something that I haven't really been comfortable wearing before but I thought I would dig these out the back of the wardrobe as well. With this simple striped jumper and a pink and cream scarf for some contrast I absolutely love wearing it. I normally wear this with a pair of converse or just some flat black pumps (although not great for the rainy weather).

This is my "padington bear coat" as people like to call it. This coat is by far the most comfortable, warm, hard wearing coat which is perfect to keep the chill out. Whether it's windy, raining, snowing (which is on it's way to Lincolnshire/Cambridgeshire apparently). This was £60.00 from Republic Autumn/Winter 2012 collection but there are a lot available from other brands and stores. I bought a size 6 as Republic sizes come up very big on me, but this still has a lot of room for a thick jumper or cardigan underneath. I just love it and I hope it will be long wearing enough to get me through more cold and snowy weather.

I am a lover of thick knitted scarves and snoods as they are something that is crucial to keep me warm as I am always cold no matter what. When I found these I didn't think much to them, but they have by far been a savior already this year whilst taking my puppy for a walk around a field, in the freezing cold, whilst on crutches. I just love these and I have a navy and a more burgunday colour as these are the colours I wear the most.

The reason I have included these is because, these are by far, the best socks I have ever worn. Not only are they thick socks and have fur inside, they have grippy bits on the bottom - elimninating the risk of me falling flat on my butt - and they have pom poms on. Socks are always better when they have pom poms on. I can't wear these in boots as they are just too thick but for a night in, pamper evening or simply watching a film snuggles in your onesie with a glass of wine (or hot chocolate, whatever you prefer). I sure know how to live.

That's it for this Autumn/Winter Essentials. Keep a look out for the next one, and also for my top picks and drugstore recommendations. Don't forget to like, rate, share, comment and follow etc. It is much appreciated.

What is your favourite thing about Autumn and Winter?


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