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Cream, Liquid or Powder? Top Picks #3


Recently I have been on a hunt for the highlighter which can give me a natural glow and make my skin look radiant. So I have found a few that I wanted to share with you guys that you may want to try.

Highlighter is something that I hadn't been fussed about - to be honest I didn't really know what they were for - but now I think it is a crucial part of my makeup routine. Most are available from boots or superdrug but some can only be found online as far as I know.

First up is the very first stick highlighter I have ever tried, and that is Miners Beauty Brilliance Multipurpose Highlighter Stick they have two shades dream (champagne) and pixie (pink). I count these as cream highlighters but these are both very simple, subtle highlighters but I absolutely love them. They glide on so nicely, they're so easy to blend to give a natural glow to the cheekbones. I normally apply a cream highlighter this after my foundation to make sure it looks as natural and subtle as possible. I can't remember how I heard of these as I hadn't heard of the brand and haven't tried anything else from them but if you want to have a look then you can have a look at them here.

The next one is a very affordable option which you can get from eyeslipsface.co.uk and that is the E.L.F. Shijmmering Facial Whip. This can be used as a highlighter or blusher, eyeshadow, mixed with foundation or primer, there are a lot of ways you can use these. They have a few colours and when I went to buy one the others had been sold out, other than Spotlight and Persimmon. Spotlight is a white highlighter and Persimmon is more of a pink blusher colour. If used as a highlighter, you can make it look very natural or very dramatic. If using them mixed with a primer or foundation you have to be very careful with how much you use as it can look a bit too much. The price of these is £1.50 which is a bargain.

Onto liquid highlighter and I have a couple of options for this too. First up is a very recent purchase which is Seventeen Skin WOW 3 Way Highlighter. As the name suggests you can use this 3 ways. 1. As a pimer, 2. As normal highlighter (before or after foundation), 3. Mixed with foundation. Personally I am not a huge fan of using it as a primer as I feel it makes me look very glittery, but used in foundation (not too much) or as a highlighter is a very nice way to brighten and awaken your face. A very beautiful and natural colour as well. This is the only colour it is available in and costs £5.99 which yo0u can find here.

Another drugstore highlighter is from Revlon and that is their  Photoready Skinlights Face Illuminator in 200 Pink Light. This product is as versatile as the Seventeen product and it's all down to personal preference. You can mix this in with your foundation (trial and error with the amount), you can apply this before or after foundation as a highlighter or you can even wear this just on it's own, and all of these options will help to banish any signs of dullness on your face. The only problem I find with this is it can wipe of any makeup you are applying it on to so you have to have a very light hand when applying, but once blended it looks fine. This costs £11.99 which you can find here, so it is on the higher price line from the drugstore but it will last a very long time as you barely need any if you're only using it to highlight your cheekbones.

Onto the powder highlighters. First up is another offering from E.L.F. is their Studio Blush in Gotta Glow coming in at £3.75. This isn't actually marketed as a highlighter but as soon as you see the colour then its obvious thats the only thing you could really use it for really. I like to apply this very lightly as I like a natural glow to the skin, rather than being too dramatic and obvious, and I don't particularly think i can pull off the Edward Cullen in the sun look). So although I don't use a lot, it is just as good as a cream or liquid one, but the lasting time isn't as long I find. But if you are just starting out or want to try a highlighter any of these is a really good option.

Finally is a higher end product, The Balm Mary - Lou Manizer aka The Luminizer. I think that the E.L.F. powder is following the same idea as this. Except this is a lot more pigmented and you really have to be careful to apply small amounts and build up if needed as this can be a very dramatic highlight if not applied with caution. It gives a beautiful radiance and glow to the skin and when the light captures the particles it just glistens. This is higher in price as well, I bought mine from feelunique.com for £15.00.

Do you have any recommendations for highlighters, drugstore or not?


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