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A Review- Nearly Naked Foundation


So I finally found the right colour foundation with the right amount of coverage at a pretty good darn price. The colour Ivory matches my skin perfectly and the foundation blends so easily and quickly I don’t have to stand around buffing it into the skin. Revlon have bought out some top launches this year and are by far in the lead at the drugstore.
The Nearly Naked foundation is something I have wanted to try for ages but with a drawer full of makeup bases I was trying to wait until I had used some up – Of course that didn’t happen because I get bored too easily and can’t help myself if it means I can go shopping. I could wait no longer, so I finally ordered it as well as a few other things and I have fallen head over heels for it. I just love how it glides onto the skin and leaves a natural and light coverage on the skin but still covers reasonably well. Typical Revlon haven’t put a pump on this foundation either – standard. But that’s not the end of the world. I got this whilst it was on sale for £6.99, and that deal was on in both Superdrug and Boots (I don't know if it still is.) I did purchase Shell first but my best friend has that now and I ordered the Ivory. I just love it and I look forward to applying this and wearing it. As you don’t feel it on your skin, it doesn’t look like you’ve got an inch of makeup on and it isn’t a matte finish but it’s not a dewy finish it’s somewhere in the middle like a satin finish.
I can’t tell you how much I love this foundation and even though it’s nothing special and everyone has it or has tried it, it’s the first foundation I have tried that matches my skin – PERFECTLY.
I really do recommend you try this foundation if you still haven’t found “the one” You won’t regret it if a natural look is what you want.

Have you tried this? What do you think?


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