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A New Thing - Online Shopping Spree - Part 1


 As part of a little online shopping spree I placed an order to Superdrug for a few things - as being on crutches makes it a little difficult to just pop in to town. When I looked at how many things I was expecting to be delivered I thought I would separate it in to a few different posts as they are delivered. So today when I got back from work I had this lovely bundle of joy waiting for me, and a box full of goodies - Darcy wanted to get in the photo but then put her sulky face on. (She's going through the Terrible Two's.)

So after using the Vaseline hand cream I wanted to try something that was more nourishing, as my skin has got much dryer since autumn has made its appearance so I am all about nourishing and moisturising my skin. Anyway, when I saw the Garnier hand creams in Mango and the other with Aloe Vera, I couldn’t decide which one to get so for £1.99 each I got both, one will stay on my bedside table and the other in my bag.
Next is the Nearly Naked foundation in Shell and the Powder in Fair to match. I have tried the foundation to see if it was a good colour match and I know I will love it. It seems to blend and cover just enough as my skin is probably at one of the best points at the minute and I don’t want to cover it up like I used to when I had lots of nasty, red and angry breakouts.
Finally is a Maybelline Colour Show Nail Polish in Urban Turquoise. When I saw it online I was so excited as I love my blue and turquoise polishes, however when I received it I realised I have already got this colour so my Best Friend Dani will be receiving this if she likes it.

That's all for the Superdrug part of this 'Collective Haul' type thing, but keep an eye out for the other online purchases, some of which I got some amazing discounts and deals on.

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