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A Favourite - October Favourites


So this month has been packed with some beauty revelations, and whilst I am laid up in bed with a chest infection and no voice I thought about the things I have been relying on a lot this month.
A few trips to the shopping centre were made this month and the start of a beautiful date night with Dani, this month has really been a brilliant one and I am looking forward to seeing what November will introduce me to. But for now, let's do some reminiscing of some October highlights.

First up is some fashion bits which I haven't included in my favs before - I had been looking for a leather jacket that fits me properly with a flattering cut and shape and unfortunately it doesn't exist for me, until I found an alternative to a leather jacket, for £34.99 this jacket has leather sleeves, and a water fall style front, a perfect fit and a flattering shape, and I have tried this with a few other outfits and it is so versatile. Nice one New Look.
I have also been on the hunt for a burgundy polka dot skater dress after seeing one on an advert on tele that really caught my eye, and surprisingly it was a quick look around Primark that made me find the perfect one for just £5 - 3/4 sleeves, suitable for all year round with a skater style skirt, perfect length, and it can be paired with some chunky knit leggings or just plain cosy tights from Primark (the ones with the fleece lining = pure genius).
Almost an exact dupe for a Michael Kors watch New Look have really switched up their tacky watches with some beautiful pieces. Coming in at only £19.99 this one is just a brilliant alternative than spending £229 on a Michael Kors original. Rose gold is just an all singing all dancing option and as much as I would love a Michael Kors watch this one is just going to have to do.

I have been trying something else with my nails and have been going for a nude colour, and I am really loving it, my favourite is the Mavala in rose shell nail polish and at £4.50 it gives a brilliant finish and lasts longer than some of the other brands I have tried.

L'Oreal are really bringing it with there skin care in my eyes and I have been loving there 15 second miracle cleansing oil, removing even waterproof mascara effortlessly and leaves your skin feeling soft and clean. This stuff is truly incredible and for £7.99 it's a great substitute to other cleansing oils from the likes of MAC, Shu Uemura and even the Sanctuary Youth Boost Cleansing Oil.

It wouldn't be right without including the Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation in my favourites this month. This is a sheer foundation but gives a beautiful natural finish and lasts all day. I have been using this pretty much everyday throughout October and have had lot's of compliments about my skin. Revlon know how to deliver when it comes to foundations, if only they would invest in some pumps.

With a sore throat, no voice and a chest infection I have been wanting something cold to soothe my throat, and Actimel+ and fresh orange juice have been just the thing. These things have been a life saver the last few days, I just really hope this chest infection goes away fast and I get my voice back.

What have you been loving this month?


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