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A Best Buy - Bourjois Java Rice Powder


Bourjois re-invented one of their old time best selling cult classics from 1879 in Celebration of their 150th birthday. I have seen a few reviews and a few beauty bloggers going on about this powder and to be honest I didn’t think it would be all that special. But wow, I promise never to say that about a product until I try it. 

This is an illuminating powder, so oily skin may not get on too well with this, however with tiny shimmer particles this really does give a little something extra to the skin to keep it looking radiant and glowing. I have been trying to go for a more illuminating, radiant glow to the face and this is a subtle and easy way to do that. Sometimes I will go over some areas with my foundation brush again so that it’s not too harsh as I want it to look like a natural glow not a harsh noticeable chunk of shimmer. At first I did think the light particles were slightly too big and would just make me look like Edward Cullen however somehow, it just works, I just sweep this over my face lightly and it really just completes the look for me. I like that it is a sifter pot that has the facility to close so you don’t get a huge cloud of powder when you open it and the packaging is very cute and vintage - almost. Bourjois are another brand that continues to bring out some staple products that I really do enjoy having in my makeup stash. 

Well done again Bourjois, I love the birthday re-invention, and please continue to bring out some brilliantly simple products that are an all rounder kind of product.

Have you tried this? What is your favourite illuminating product?


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