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A Best Buy - Anyone For A Manicure?


So in some of my posts I have shown some nail polishes but not shown what they look like on my nails and what other colours I may pair them with. So I am going to show a few manicures that I have been wearing recently which I am absolutely loving.

Too Cool To Tango
First off is the nail polish I purchased recently in a sneaky trip to Boots, it’s called Too Cool To Tango, this is a beautiful colour and I have many similar to this (blue nail polish is my favourite) but not quite in this shade. I haven’t purchased many nail polishes recently but this one I am obsessed with. Rimmel are a brilliant all round makeup brand, from well known and loved Foundations and the infamous Stay Matte Powder to Kate Moss Lipsticks and a huge variety of Nail Polish, they continue to deliver brilliant products and stay at the top of the drugstore favourites along with Revlon, Bourjois and Maybelline (not necessarily in that order). Rimmel nail polishes are one of the first that I bought and I think they are possibly the best drugstore brand for the vast variety of colours. This not only is a beautiful colour but is an amazing formula and has the perfect sized brush to give an easy and even application. I have rediscovered my love for nail polishes, from Rimmel in particular so look out for some more purchases and manicures with them.

Born Pretty Mani
After one of my regular “online window shopping / buying things I don’t desperately need” evenings on eBay I came across some nail polish that was holographic. I have two of the colours, a blue-ish green and a silver one. When applying the silver one, I had to put on 1 layer of a silver polish as it is just not opaque enough to do it straight on your nail, unless you put tonnes of layers on which you still have to do with the silver underneath anyway. Regardless of how many coats it takes, once you have it to your liking it is beautiful. I used this one as an accent nail and used a bright pink from Barry M on the rest. It gave just a little bit of sparkle to a boring all one colour manicure. I am keen to try out some other holographic polishes from Born Pretty very soon.

Navy Diamonds
September Favourites post had a silver glitter polish and that is another Boots purchase that somehow flew into my basket on the way to the checkout. I have never seen Sinful Colours in Boots so was keen to try them and at just £1.99 I had nothing to lose. I have had some other Sinful Colours polishes before but quite frankly I was hugely disappointed – The formula was runny and no matter how many coats I applied I could not get it opaque, so I was very sceptical about this one. However I absolutely love it. Even as a glitter polish this is opaque in two coats. I used it as like a gradient effect on the tips of a couple of my nails and think it is again a very nice way to bring some glitz and glamour to a simple navy manicure – perfect for the winter and Christmas and New Years parties etc.  - Yeah I said it.

What are your favourite nail polishes/manicure tricks at the minute?

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