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What Else Happened in October?


I haven't done a post like this before so thought I would see how it went down.

I had quite a busy month in October and being on crutches doesn't normally allow for much traveling or walking, but I gave it a good ol' go. 
First was the start of Date Night with my best friend Dani, with some face masks, Malibu and Lemonade, lot's of chocolate and some online shopping - all whilst in onesies.
A trip to Cambridge with a good friend, for a gig was also on the cards, so we went to a few places in the day around Cambridge and surrounding areas. Including Wood Green Animal Shelter, where I found The White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, fell in love with a beautiful cat called Mr Tiddles - I did not want to leave that place without him and found a children's ride of my favourite TV programme that I absolutely loved "Arthur". Then in to the Cambridge shopping centre where I found a beautiful jacket, found an amazing t-shirt "My heels are higher than your standards" I really wish I had got it, I just love it. A quick stop in Lush and I found a giant caramel Snack-A-Jack. Whilst hobbling along on my crutches I looked up to see a man stood over a balcony, he looked like he belonged on a barge or something but when I looked properly I realised it was a statue - The things you see in Cambridge are odd. On the plus side the gig was incredible and I got to see Charlie Simpson (yum) and one of my favourite bands. The company wasn't too bad either ;) Although I had an amazing day I was glad to get back home and climb in to bed, a very painful, sore, yet enjoyable day. 
I have also had some amazing days with my best friend Dani, including, date night - which turned in to a sleepover as my parents went away and Dani was kind enough to look after me after having a bad fall that day - I knew there was a reason she is my best friend.
That about sums up my October and I apologise if I have missed anyone/anything out. But thank you to the people that support, help and understand my condition and who I am.
I am very much looking forward to November - my Dad's Birthday, the start of Christmas shopping and some more date nights - just need to get rid of this chest infection and cough and get my voice back.

How did your October go?


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