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A Best Buy - Nail Paints with a Difference


Okay, so one of my guilty pleasures is nail polish, and anyone who knows me, knows that I have far too many. But Barry M Nail Paints are by far one of my favourite brands of nail polish...EVER!! 

Not only are they beautiful colours, they are a perfect formula, not too gloopy and not too runny or streaky, but the lasting, chip free power of these is incredible and are better than other more expensive brands that I have tried. - These nail paints are so easy to apply and with a fast drying top coat like Seche Vite you can do your nails before work or on your lunch break, and you can have different colour nails every day (we would all do it if we had the time or patience). 
Oh, and yes I am aware that the amount of nail polish I have is excessive, and this is from just one brand.

 With many colours, textures and special effects you can create any look...

 ...From a Gelly Hi-Shine finish...

...to textured and glitter polishes of all different colours and effects...

...Barry M have really thought of it all and for that I will forever love these nail polishes.


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