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A New Thing - The Ultimate Care System


 So I popped down to Superdrug today after seeing so many good things about the L’Oreal Colour Riche Shampoo and Conditioner, a Sulphate Free Care System.

 The EverPure shampoo claims it will leave hair feeling nourished, as well as looking smoother and feeling softer. Whilst the EverRiche conditioner says it will leave hair feeling intensely nourished and protected from dryness, as well as feeling incredibly soft and silky, leaving it easy to manage and adding a beautiful shine to the hair. All with no sulphates. Sounds amazing doesn't it?
They are high expectations for L’Oreal to set for this product and I therefore put these to the test...
My first impressions of these products were; the smell of each of them is yummy - They both have aromatic fragrances and botanical oils like juniper and rosemary in the shampoo, and camelina and apricot seed in the creamy conditioner, these really make washing your hair a delight, not a chore.
The conditioner is definitely my favourite out of the two and I think once I have used up the EverPure shampoo, I will try the EverRiche that matches my new favourite conditioner.
In regards to the promises that L’Oreal have made about what their products will do for your hair, well, they’re pretty accurate. The conditioner is so indulgent and the texture of it makes it feels so luxurious, it makes my hair so soft and silky I can't keep my hands off it. The shampoo does what it says, I can't say if it protects the colour after a few uses but I am keeping an eye on it and will update this when I can comment on that side of it. But I can say now that it smells delicious, it foams up into the perfect lather. It is exactly what I expected it to be. As a pair they work okay but I will be trying the EverRiche shampoo to see if that boosts the condition of my hair and repairs the damage that colouring has done.


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