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A Review - Hydraluron... I Get It Now


Before I had tried this I thought it was just an over hyped product that didn’t do a great deal. I know when to admit I am wrong. This is a no BS product. With its magic ingredient being Hyaluronic acid, this plain and simple serum will hydrate the most dehydrated of skin, renew the most lack-lustre of skin and will give a boost to the most dull and unhappy skin.

Hyaluronic acid is a molecule that can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water. Young skin has an endless supply of this stuff but as that age number creeps up, the Hyaluronic acid number slowly descends. But Hydraluron helps put that moisture back into your skin which then helps smooth and hydrate.
“At Indeed Labs, our objective is simple: 
eliminate all marketing hype and costs from skincare 
treatments and instead deliver real results as 
cost-effectively as possible.”

With a box packed full of information you know exactly what you are putting on your face and how it is going to work. They have really made life a touch easier, rather than us doing tonnes of research on the effects and what we should be looking out for. It has it all there ready for your own peace of mind.
Quality is our number one priority and we 
never sacrifice this aspect for any cost. 
Through efficiency and honesty, we maintain 
the most reasonable prices in our class. Indeed!”
Indeed Labs are the makers of well known products like Nano blur and have other products for whatever your skin may desire. Although there’s not a huge amount of products, this is a no fuss, uncomplicated company and I absolutely love that about them. I should have never and will never again, not try something just because it is a simple looking, over-hyped product that just looks bleh. I have now jumped on this band wagon as well and I urge you to go out and get this product if you have dehydrated or uneven skin, or just want to give your skin a moisture boost – See, simple, that’s the name. Nice work Indeed Labs.  

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