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A Best Buy - The Super Serum


Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex l l 
The news that Estée Lauder were sprucing up there ‘one sold every 8 seconds’ best-selling formula – Advanced Night Repair - left many fans in a state of shock, and the people at EL knew they were playing with fire. I have always admired this product from afar – I knew the benefits and saw the amazing reviews but I was in denial that I needed and wanted a product claiming among other things to be “anti-aging”. The new formula came out and Estée Lauder lovers went wild for it. 

Reading the new reviews I finally dealt with my denial and purchased a bottle of the new and improved what people called, a miracle worker. (I also caved and bought a sample of the trusted original everyone loved to see how they compared).
What does it do? Well... It’s just an all inclusive product. It smoothes and instantly hydrates skin and keeps everything balanced and under-control. With nothing being taken away from the old formula, new ingredients and technologies were added to provide more visible results. Having tried both, ANR2 really is out of this world. Whilst the original concentrated on repairing the skin, the improved version’s aim is to purify the skin making it look radiant and brighter whilst feeling silky smooth and even toned. Plus, with a colossal dose of Hyaluronic Acid locking in the moisture, the new technology prepares the skin to maximise the renewal of the cells over-night, whilst the original anti-oxidants repair the damage done to the skin during the day and get out what’s not needed or wanted. 
A truly spectacular serum worth every penny that everyone should try.

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