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A Beauty Essential - Putting Beauty To The Test #1


So I decided that I would do a series called Putting Beauty To The Test. It’s pretty self explanatory but each week I will be putting up a new post where I have tested the beauty products and what I found for each of them, if they were good or disappointing.
So the first post of this series is mascaras. So there are six mascaras, and four different brands, so let’s get started.

*Rimmel - Volume Flash Mascara (001 Black) 
Rimmel claims: “Fast Volume & Curves for fast lives”, “Up to 10 x the volume in a flash” and “Quick bond lash inflating formula with unique gel texture”
Quite frankly I don’t agree. When applying the mascara I find it is very hard to work with, there’s too much mascara on the brush therefore it just goes on as one big mess. The only reason I purchased this is because I liked the shape of the brush for my bottom lashes and thought it would be easier and less smudging than there is currently - I always seem to make a mess and smudge my bottom lashes when applying mascara. This mascara was okay only for your bottom lashes but you have to wait for it to dry out for a few weeks. You have to keep opening and closing it so that air gets into it and dries the product out. That way the formula isn’t too runny and it then applies okay-ish but only for bottom lashes. What a faff. I don’t use this mascara anymore as I have found better ones which aren’t a waste of money and time.  - £5.99 from Boots

*Maybelline - The Rocket Mascara (Black) 
Maybelline claims: “Up to 8x bigger volume. It’s Rocket Science. Our Exclusive Jet Glide brush with flexi-fine bristles loads on big bang volume so fast, there is no time for clumps. Our smooth formula keeps lashes looking sleek and even.” “You’ll love this mascara because it’s glidable and goes on lashes so cleanly, leaving a gloss finish. You don’t need to apply many coats as our jet glide brush charges big, explosive volume in Rocket time.”
Okay so that is some pretty big expectations to live up to, and I was very sceptical at first, as I had tried the Volume Express Mega Plush and the Colossal Cat Eyes mascaras and didn’t get on with them at all. However this truly is a fantastic mascara. It really does give you excellent volume – Don’t know about the 8x bigger volume – but it’s still pretty good. The brush shape is perfect for me; I like how it gets all your lashes and coats them in just the right amount of mascara. I find the non-waterproof formula doesn’t hold a curl as much as I would like it to so I will, at some point, go and get the waterproof version, probably when I have used up some of my other mascaras.  - £7.99 from Boots

*Maybelline - The Volume Express One By One Waterproof Mascara (Very Black)
So Maybelline say: “Instant Clump-Free Volume. The Lash catcher brush catches, coats and declumps your lashes to make them look more volumised.” “Brush has up to 3 bristles per lash”

Again I was very sceptical about trying this one but I got in on the recommendation of somebody on YouTube and I fell in love with it completely. I do prefer the old packaging though as I find it easier to hold, but the waterproof formula holds the curl of my lashes perfectly and for most of the day – I wouldn’t say all day, but most of it. I purchased this one before the Rocket one, which is why I wanted to pick that one up as this one had been so amazing and I didn’t want to wear waterproof mascara every day. - Plus when taking this off you need some patience and one heck of a makeup remover.  - £8.49 from Superdrug

*No7 - Stay Perfect Long Lasting Volume (Black)
No7 claims: “Mascara that lasts through whatever life throws at you, it’s: smudgeproof, flakeproof, sweatproof, humidityproof and tearproof.” “No panda eyes, no smudging.”

They are some very wild claims and, all I wanted it for was because the brush was exactly the right shape and size for me to be able to do my lower lashes and not get mascara everywhere. Silly really, buying a mascara for £12.95 just for my lower lashes but ah well. I have mixed feelings for this product. Whilst the size and shape of the brush is brilliant, when first applying this to my top lashes to see how it performed I was disappointed, rather than brushing through my lashes and separating them all it just put a blob of mascara onto my lashes which no matter how many times I tried to separate them and do some un-clumping tricks it didn’t work. I had to use a different mascara that I knew separated my lashes to sort out the mess. But on the bottom lashes it was perfect. I have been using this again the last few days just to give it another go before I did this post and it is a bit better on the top lashes but it doesn’t give volume or length just a bot of colour and clumpiness. Strange for something thats “pretty much life-proof.”   - £12.95 from Boots

*No7 - Extreme Length Waterproof (Black)
No7 claims: a smooth formulation that will give you gorgeous clump-free lashes, plus the uniquely shaped brush, grips and extends your lashes giving you maximum length.” “No glamorous poolside look is complete without two good coats of waterproof mascara. Climb out of the pool and flutter your eye lashes in style- with no smudges! Don't forget this mascara has staying power, so make sure you pack your No7 Eye Make-up Remover- you'll need it to take it off!” “Wand Style - Flexible slim rubber bristles. Finished Look - Length and definition”

I got this as part of a free gift when I purchased the Stay Perfect Mascara and I wasn’t too excited about it because of the hassle with the other one. It is better in that it is waterproof and it does apply slightly better I do like the brush even though it is slightly longer, it does still cause clumps though so I have to use either a clean spoole or another mascara that separates the lashes well. It does last incredibly well and it is right, you need a bloomin’ good makeup remover to get this bad boy off – good job I have one. The lasting power is one thing I was amazed by with this mascara (4 cotton rounds, a bottle of Garniers simply essentials soothing 2 in 1 makeup remover and 10 minutes later I finally had it all off).   - £12.50 from Boots for full size

*Seventeen – Back Lash Mascara (Blackest Black)
Seventeen claims: “Volume. Length. Definition. Lift. 100% greater lash impact. The evenly shaped fibres of the brush gently combs through lashes to deliver an even coverage of mascara from root to tip without becoming overloaded.” “The formulation contains D-Panthenol that conditions the lashes and waxes that have been optimised for maximum performance
Dermatologically tested. Fragrance free.”

I 100% agree that it combs through the lashes and applies an even coverage of mascara and I do find that it separates the lashes really well and adds volume. I would say this is a more everyday natural lash kind of mascara, that’s how I prefer to use it anyway because I find that if you add more coats on then the lashes become very clumped and spider-like. That is a look I do not like. So I stick to one coat. I do like the packaging and I also am a fan of the Va Va Voom Volume mascara in brown/black, as I like it’s not so intense as a black mascara and for a “no makeup makeup look” a brown mascara really helps to define the lashes without making them really dark and noticeable.  - £6.49 from Boots

Okay so there is the first instalment of “Putting beauty to the test.” I hope you enjoyed reading and there will be another post to follow next week.

Disclaimer – All prices are for full size products and are correct as of 10.09.2013.

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